MGS3: Snake Eater

Says it all. I hope it’s real, and is a sequel to MGS2 as opposed to a prequel.

Hmm… I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this, albeit a cynical one :hmm:

I hope it’s good.

I think it’s real. If it isn’t whoever made that gets a big cookie, because it looks really fucking good.

A jungle themed Metal Gear would be an excellent twist to the entire series. I dont know how it would fit in the storyline, but I don’t know much about snake as a character anyway, so maybe I just missed something.

Snake eater sounds gay though. They should change that.

The trailer itself definitly looks good, and I haven’t heard that version of the theme song anywhere else before, I don’t remember it being in MGS2. The graphics look quite good, but the trailer makes them look like shit. The rocks and the explosions bouncing around with Snake in the water definitly look badass.

I really don’t know, it looks professionally done and all, but you never know sometimes. If its fake, someone went through a lot of effort to make it. If it’s real, Konami has some names to take and some ass to kick.

That, or whoever did the CGs for the games did it as a prank. If this isn’t his work I’m shoving Azurewrath up my ass in disbelief.

Jungle, big explosions? …Interesting…But the question is, with big booms, how one stay hidden? and…Another one, can Snake learn how to jump finally?

It certainly looks real . . . but I’m not so sure. Like Neb, I think the eye I keep on this one will be cynical. Although the jump from sci-fi-esque mgs to something like geurilla warfare isn’t something I’d exactly relish . . . someone’s been watching too much Rambo, at any rate.

Hmm… I wonder where the first and second MG for the NES and the GBC MGS were played in at the first place? Yep, Jungle!

Good thing I have a fanatic over here who’ll buy the game so I won’t have to…

I’ve always liked this series, I just hope that in this one we get to use Snake, throughout it all. Gaining Raiden was sorta annoying, he was too new, for his own good!

Yes… the thought of a naked Raiden swinging through the trees like Tarzan just makes me shudder :runaway: :runaway: :runaway: :runaway: :runaway:

Hell, naked raiden in the first place was daunting.

First MG was the thing that starts the storyline. Second MG for NES sucked so much they just forgot about it; the MSX MG is MG2 in a sense (Oilix, Grey Fox). THe GBC game is more of a Gaiden.

A jungle seting would be perfect for a prequel becuse of the war in Zanaibar Land.

Originally posted by Frameskip
A jungle seting would be perfect for a prequel becuse of the war in Zanaibar Land.

I Agree completely, but what really bugs me is that i want to know more about the 100 year dead patriots >_<

I agree, I want to know about the Patriots…

amen to that… The Patriots, or the La-le-lu-li-lo I think, were somewhat of a mystery that aggravated me… not to mention the name that sounds like musical notes made it all worse o_O At any rate, as long as you get to play Snake and the game involves more sneaking than nuclear explosions and such… I think it will be a great game. And hopefully no new characters that don’t know what they’re doing. stabs Raiden viciously with a grapefruit spoon

EDIT I am saddened… the link for the trailer didn’t work:thud:

Indeed. I’d like to find out what the hell happened to them as well…as long as Raiden doesn’t “help out” this time. I’m also a little curious about the Colonel AI that was screwed up…I NEED SCISSORS!

Any MGS3 would have to mention the lalelulilo, just as MGS2 had to mention Solidus because of the secene at the end of MGS1, it’s just a no-brainer IMO:hmm:

I agree that the Patriots should be heavily involved if MGS3 is indeed a sequel, I just twitch whenever I hear it said “La-Le-Lu-Li-Lo”. And on to Crotanks’s comment…

As far as I know, the messed up Colonel was just a program in Arsenal Gear that got all fux0red when the virus attacked it.

… that is… if I remember right. I recently tried to play through MGS2 again, but when I took control of Raiden I suddenly lost interest in playing… wonder why @_@. Although… if you want to see something funny, take Raiden into the Women’s bathroom, duck in front of a toilet, look at it, and call the Colonel a few times. Pretty funny stuff:o

I know :stuck_out_tongue:
That might have been what happened to it as well, but I forgot. Haven’t played it since I beat it a 4th time. Btw, was it really necessary for you to scan your face? Cuz thats new :stuck_out_tongue: