MGS - Yep, another Dogtag campaign

Those crazy d00ds over at Konami are doing yet another of these campaigns. Should we aim to have one RPGC’er in the game this time? Nah. In case you’re interested in a possible (name) appearance in MGS - Twin Snakes, visit here

Woo, I submitted.

I submitted too.

I just submitted. It’d be great to win that and be made immortal in a video game for the rest of time… dreams of that day

submitting is fun!

I submitted!

Weiila should be responsible for submission threads. You suck Maba.

Thanks for the info Maba. I tried it in MGS2, but I don’t think it got in. Anyway, I submitted. Thanks again Maba.

/me feels good and bad at the same time. Scolded by Sin and praised by Cro. I dunno which is more important ;_;

I posted about this last week in the chat, which I also entered myself at the time too. I hope one of Snake’s victims is from RPGC. Besides, if snake kills me, then that means Rirse dies a death from a videogame star! :smiley:

Submitted, go me!