MGS like technology becoming a reality

I found this on gfaqs earlier. It’s an excerpt from the Economist.

“Germany’s Prajekthaus System Soldat and Italy’s Soldato Futuro Initiative are beginning to discover ways to intigrate new technologies with organic creatures, to create a seamless partnership with living organisms. If it works, it will turn the modern tools of war into part-living, part-machine weapon. ‘Think of it as a BIPEDAL TANK, with living legs,’ says Eric Klausmann, head of the PSS.”(Sounds alot like the Gekkous)

"In the future, a soldeir’s skin will be clothed in a uniform made up of three layers. Closest to the skin will be a layer embedded with sensors that will detect when the wearer is injured, dehydrated, exhausted, or even asleep. For example, if the wearer is bleeding, the suit will ‘smartly’ apply pressure to the exact points necessary to stop the bleeding.

“The second layer will cary electro-textiles, such as new miniscule communications technology that will render radios obsolote. This is the first step in creating communications nanotechnology.” (Codec?)

“The third layer will provide pressure to certain places in the anatomy to maximize the function of internal organs.” (The first and third layer sound exactly like the functions of the Skull Suit and Sneaking Suit.)

"The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an American military research organization, is putting massive funding behind the development of CYBERNETIC EXOSKELETONS, which would use extrenal hydraulics and pneumatic systems to endow soldiers with superhuman strength and agility, a bit like the abilities of feudal ninjas multiplied by 1,000. ‘Yes,’ states a research developer in DARPA, ‘I suppose you could think of this as a sort of CYBORG NINJA.’

I don’t believe it.

Start believing.

Honestly, if you don’t believe something, check for some sources and prove why. Don’t spout pointless opinion, it just makes you look foolish. The German project mostly focuses on Future Infantry, but the Economist does have those exact words quoted in their article. Just for the US Future Warrior program, they have a $250m budget. Here’s a quote from the article.

“And these technologies are just the start. The Future Warrior Concept, a part of the FFW programme that is intended to imagine the military technologies of 2025, envisages a helmet, similar to a motorcycle helmet, with a 180-degree display, armour with built-in heating and cooling systems, and an array of sensors to extend the soldier’s senses still further. All of this is wrapped up in a futuristic black uniform.”

As a bonus: Britain’s Future Soldier initiative
Institute for Soldier Nanotech
Future Force Warrior project
Projekthaus System Soldat.

If you care for the future of war, read.

Why is this so unbelievable? Each of those camo layers have been done before, just maybe not in such a small fom factor, and not combined together.

Heck, outside of the whole direct voice input to ensure no one around you hears your speech, you could easily make a codec right now.

It’s good to know that they actually put effort into the safety of your average bazooka joe infantry grunt, but all you really need these days to put someone down is a punk with a gun :I

I mean, the only protective item my equipment had was a helmet, and if we had training with explosives, (read: I threw a single live hand grenade plus a few dummies for practice) I got a flak vest. (Some troops get vests as standard equipment, though…)