Mexican Redknee molted !!!! Woohoo !!!

So I was able to witness the actual molt as I arrived from work yesterday. No, I didn’t take pictures of the process as I didn’t want to disturb her. It took her an hour to pull herself from her old exoskeleton. It was quite a sight to see ! So here are a couple of pictures that show how much she has grown. In about two weeks from now, she’ll be ready to tear into unweary crickets again ! :smiley:

This is a far shot, so you can’t see much detail. The “hole” near the water dish was me having poured a bit too much water before the molt. But if it did raise the humidity, then it was worth it.

Here is a close-up and you can see the size diffrences much easier.

Lookin’ pretty awesome there.

Cool pictures!

Spidey! She’s looking all fluffy with her new exo. :3