Metroid: The other M

Just because this was the single biggest WTF moment of E3 I figured it needs an entire thread just to contain all the Holy Crap that this video contains.

I mean I spy fucking MOTHER BRAIN in her grotesque bipedal form from Super Metroid.

Also clones.

(And this seems to take place AFTER Fusion for whatever that is worth.)

Anyway discuss.

…when I heard the phrase “Any objections, lady?” I got goosebumps. Seriously. Wow. Total nerdgasm moment.


So hot.

This looks to be pretty goddamn impressive. Seriously fucking awesome.

I… wha… that… it…

Y’see, I just spent the ENTIRE DAY flying and traveling with no internet access. I finally get back and turn my laptop on, and the first site I visit is here.

Then I see this post, and the video within.

I damn near crapped my pants.

Argh, now I want a Wii so I can play this. I’m really digging the style change!

Wait…there’s gonna be a good game for the Wii?

Yeah, I’m kind of regretting not playing any of the Primes or owning a Wii. 8-( But if it’s a choice between Wii and 360, I know which one will eventually win.

Samus finally has a voice! Awesome!

I’d really like another 2D one for the DS though.

I would be excited about Metroid if it wasn’t for the fact that Tecmo is now Cockmo and that Itagaki is no longer the leader of Team Ninja. In fact, Itagaki took all of his group leaders with him when he left and created a new company. They will need to prove themselves, I have little faith that the new merged companies can produce quality.

The whole team ninja/tecmo issue did splash the company credibility, but we shall see how this one turns out.

At the very least they’re not doing another Metroid Prime: Hunters, in fact ‘Other M’ seems to be taking the focus away from the first-person-shooty-ness and more to … uh, third-person-shooty-ness, so that’s a step in the right direction. Or, it is to me, depends on your preference I guess.

I’ll remain hopeful, but cautious. But damn if that video didn’t psyche me up.

That does concern me too since I fear that we may just end up with a Ninja Gaiden under a Metroid Style Change.

Then again it could be the best damn thing to happen to the series since Prime 1 so I’m not writing it off yet.

Yes, more 3rd person Metroid is good. /crosses fingers

Cid is correct about more DS 2D Metroid needed.

I’m curious about the plot and the time line more than anything else right now!

That other blond at the end looked more like the Samus character we associate with. Could it be that there are two Power Suit users?

Can’t Fuggin Wait.

Oh…My…Fucking…GOD!!! Another Metroid!? How long was it again between Super Metroid and Zero Mission? Almost a decade?

Oh, and Prime 1 is an awesome game(still haven’t beaten Meta-Ridley). Prime 2 is also good, though the Spider Ball Boss pisses me off.

Fusion came out before Zero Mission, and there were two (three?) Primes in there too.

Originally Posted by
What’s the game about? Set between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, this action-tinted adventure for Wii promises to delve further into Samus’s story and her relationship with the late commander for whom she named Fusion’s AI, Adam Malkovich.

The highlights of this article is that R&D1 is holding the reins on this one (kinda) and that there’s a third mystery group also on board.

The plot thickens.

The one disappointing thing about this is the possible return of the dreaded Navigation Rooms.

Hrm. The fact that they specifically state that it would more resemble Metroid Fusion kind of breaks my heart a little. (Ok Samus, now go to Area 2 and find the Green Key for the Green Door) But I’ll keep an open mind about it and see how it develops.

Just as long as there are fewer barriers because some computer decided to lock a door on you.

The only complaint I’ve ever heard about Fusion was about its linearity, but personally, it didn’t bother me that much. Sure, it was no Super Metroid, but what is?

I think it’s less its linearity and more the way in which the linearity is enforced.

Samus’ progress is not blocked so much by her abilities and the player’s skill in using them, but because the computer decided to shut off various areas and keeping you on rails because the story demands it. The event flags were so prevalent that the game was just unable to let you explore the other areas prematurely. I just prefer it when I can’t explore an area because I don’t have power bombs yet, not because the AI holding my hand is a dick.

Having to unlock colored doors also bugged me, since in earlier games her various weapons were used to unlock these doors, and those weapons had other uses besides opening doors. Here, the security rooms are just game lengtheners which add nothing more to Samus’ arsenal or equipment.

If Other M allows you to wander and look around the game world you have access to based on Samus’ skillset, and not due to Adam once again saying ‘you can’t go there because I say so’, then I’ll be fine with it. They can still keep the story linear, but Fusion was just too inflexible.