Metroid Sweetness!

Could it be? A port of the original Metroid to GBA? Or is it…something more ominous? dramatic chord


I doubt it’s a SMet port, but that in itself would rock considering SMet is oft considered the #1 SNES game. But there’s a new boss (that Eye thing).

I think its an entirely new game.

I’m always wary of direct SNES-to-GBA ports that aren’t RPGs, because that usually entails sprites and often levels exactly the same size, and therefore, f’rinstance, enemies who in the SNES version were visible when they fired or started flying towards you. (No, I didn’t like Megaman & Bass.) Still, I’ve never heard of Gameforms before today. Is it in any way reliable?

they’re the shitty GIA.

They’re reliable, that doesn’t mean they’re good. 8p

Anyway, I was under the impression that it was a Metroid port, not a Super Metroid port. Of course we won’t know for sure for a while. :sunglasses:

Bah! Metroid sucks! is killed by everyone at RPGC

Hmm… interesting, but personally I’m more interested by the (confirmed to be in the pre-development stages) sequel to Metroid Prime :wink:

Metroid Prime is cool, but everything else just doesn’t really appeal to me.

As a Metroid fan, I’m going to enjoy this. I neve rdid beat the original though.

I don’t know why, but I get the major feeling that it’s not a port, rather a prequel to the original metroid.

well, either way, i’m getting it the second it comes out.