Metroid Prime Trilogy

Nintendo announces Prime trilogy. So not only are they bringing over the Wii-waggle Prime ports, they’re compiling all three games in one package.

I’m not sure what to think about this. I already own Prime 3, and I was only interested in getting the first (and maybe Prime 2). If this package is significantly expensive because of Prime 3, that’ll suck. Maybe there’ll be a Prime 3 trade-in deal. It also raises the question of whether or not original Prime 3 saves on the Wii will carry over to the trilogy version. Kotaku’s article suggests all three games are on one disc, so maybe they won’t…

On the one hand I’m pissed because I already own all three games and I dig both Wiimote controls and having pennies in my pocket, so I’ll be scouring used-game bins sometime in the future. The part of me that’s disentangled from my personal interest -small, waning and insignificant though it may be- applauds this offer for the Wii. If I learn these remakes hinder Zeldas and any other upcoming new IP, however, I’ll be pretty pissed.

edit: So, I approve but started and ended my post with the word pissed. And I’m not even pissed, as one can’t bother being pissed about games (or most anything) after having swum in the sea. Go figure.

I’m annoyed at the fact I already own MP3 and its being bundled in, but the trilogy will be sold for the price of 1 game, which I can swallow.

This box art is not real, but I WISH it was.

The only thing I’m still wondering about this is the aforementioned MP3 save issue. Will current MP3 saves work, or no? It’d suck to lose all that progress/tokens.

I’d say I’m trading in my old MP3 anyway (think I should do that soon before the trade-in price drops assuming it hasn’t?) but I’ll hold onto the old MP1 and 2, I think. Probably wouldn’t get much for em anyway.

I agree, that box art is absolutely gorgeous.

That boxart is pretty badass looking. Makes for a great custom cover.

I would assume current MP3 saves would work. That is, unless they change it to where there’s just one save file for the entire trilogy. I don’t really see all three games being on one disc, however. I’d probably think they’d have 1&2 on one disc, and 3 on another. (Just an assumption due to file size and whatnot.)

I should really break out the the first game on my GC and play that. It’s been some time since I last messed with it.

Wow. I suddenly glad I’ve held off in getting MP3 for so long. Now I have a reason to get it.

That cover art would be something. I’m currently (and will be for some time after “currently”) in the middle of MP1, so I wouldn’t be thrilled to restart without having beaten my save first.

This is gonna be a great buy for anybody who hasn’t played them. I, however, have. I’ve kind of staved off getting packs of this sort, as… well, its kind of a waste of money.

Well the official box design of the Prime Trilogy has been released, and while it’s not as awesome as the fan-made one posted earlier, it IS a whole lot better than I was expecting it to be.

A metal case? Hells yes.

Well I’ll resurrect this thread to point out that the game is released now.

Got my copy today in fact. The casing really is pretty sweet, so I’m glad to see Nintendo and Retro have put some effort into the compilation beyond slapping the games together. There’s even a pamphlet-like thing which details the history of the Prime games, starting with the creation of Phaaze and up until the end of Corruption. It even mentions Samus’ history where Ridley killed her parents according to Nintendo’s official web-manga.

Besides the obvious changes to Prime 1 and 2 with the control scheme, the unlockables from Prime 1 that you normally got via GBA-Fusion link-up come from the same voucher/merit/thingy system they had in Prime 3. Prime 3, as far as I can tell, doesn’t really have anything new to it, which makes me glad I sold my copy back when it was still worth something. My only gripe is that I don’t think I can import saves from Prime 3, so I’ll need to replay it eventually.

Also, despite having 3 games crammed on one disc, the loading times aren’t that bad. There’s a brief load when you select your game, naturally, but if anything I’d say that the wait time is less when it comes for waiting for rooms to load when you shoot a door. Granted my experience playing the new Prime 1 is limited, but it feels that way. I’ll know for sure when I get to Flaahgra’s room, that one was always slow one to load.

If you’ve never played the Prime games yet and own a Wii then it’s definitely a worthy purchase. Even if you own the GCN games, consider picking it up since the Wii control scheme does give a new spin on them. While Prime 1 and 2 are still worth keeping if you have the originals, there’s no point in keeping 3, so if you own it and want to buy the Trilogy, ditch if if you can still get a good price for it. Despite that the trilogy is out I saw that it was still listed as ‘Most Wanted’ among used Wii games at EB, so you might get lucky.

Anyway, this should be enough to tide me over till Other M comes out next year.

EDIT: Having gotten to Flaahgra, I can say the rooms ARE loading much faster. There was pretty much no wait time when I reached it so they really must’ve tweaked them. Flaahgra was even easier with the new control scheme, though, with your added movement freedom while aiming.

The new controls also grant you the morph ball jump from Prime 3 (via flicking the Wiimote upwards) in the first two games, though they wisely keep it disabled until you obtain bombs. It really makes the puzzles that involve some bomb jumping almost trivial, but I don’t think it’ll break the games or anything.

Fuck Flaahgra and its gardener, I say.

The idea of Wiimote-controlled MP’ and ‘’ is interesting, but I probably won’t get it unless I find it second hand.

Well I’ve knocked over the first Metroid Prime. 100% completion at 9:50 or so, I took my time a bit.

All 'n all, the Wiimote controls are a definite plus. While it makes things like the War Wasps a bit trickier to hit than they are in the GCN version, they’re beneficial for just about everything else. Plus I love the sharply reduced loading times for rooms, the only room in the game that had a noticeable wait was the main Shrine, and even that was lower than it was in the original.

I’m a bit embarrassed at my Meta Ridley fight. From scanning Metroid2002 it seems some of his behavior had been altered, so maybe that threw me off. But I got him down to 20% with only one energy tank lost, then I just barely won the fight with 67 energy left. I still don’t quite know how that happened.

Metroid Prime, however, went down like a chump.

One word of warning, though, the game prompts you to save at the very end. Like Metroid Prime 3, doing so at that point would save over your current game and you would be required to start a new one in that slot. For now I didn’t, but not saving there keeps you from the bonuses you need to have beaten the game to get. Stuff like the Fusion suit, the final boss bgms in the soundtrack gallery and stuff. It’s pretty irritating, as I like to keep access to the final battle and ending (probably my biggest gripes with Paper Mario 2 and Super Paper Mario, incidentally).

Anyway, with Prime 1 down I’m moving on to Prime 2!