Metroid Prime: Gettin' it all

In Metroid Prime, are there any items that are inacessable after certain points in the game?

Also, are there any extra bonuses for getting everything in Hard mode?

On the first point, yes. But it’s not items, just creature scans. Gamefaqs has a list of “Red Scans”. These are the ones that you can’t come back and get.

As for beating it on hard mode, you’ll get the third gallery I believe. Have fun doing that though, I got raped by the rocket pirates:thud:

Oh, Pirates I;m having no problems with…I wave 'em (or Ice 'em, when I get it), if there’s only one to stop them moving, and if there’s more than one, I Super Missle the crap out of 'em.
What I’m REALLY not looking forward to is the Omega Pirate…I’m getting whooped hard enough by Thardus at the moment. ><

And BTW, scans shouldn’t be a problem…I scan EVERYTHING. :hahaha;

well you’re just set to go aren’t ya ::dekar!:: PM me or something if/when you beat hard mode, I’m curious to see if anybody can get close. I heard the PAL version was upgraded in difficulty. So their normal is almost our Hard mode :hyperven:

Well, I don’t know about that, but hard mode IS pretty damn hard.

There’s a way we can check…tell me, how many uncharged shots with the Power Beam does it take to kill a beetle?