Metroid Prime 3

How is there not a thread on MP3? This game is incredible! The music could be better and a dif console would have better graphics, but man, its fucking awesome to play. I just beat the first boss on Bryyo. That was so awesome.

It is pretty awesome, i dont have a Wii yet but i played it at my friends house up to the fight with mecha ridley it was awesome

i found the controls a little hard any body else think so, but ill get used to it

The controls ARE hard at first but once since its going to be new for everyone, but its very good when you are used to it.

Frankly I was waiting for a thread to be made. I didn’t make one myself since I was too busy playing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually really like the soundtrack, a lot. There’s some great stuff in there…

I just beat the main boss on Elysia, which was… interesting. Anyway Sin, add my Wii code (main Wii thread) so I can send you some Friend Vouchers so you can turn them into Green Tokens to get some of the Bonus stuff.

Mii Bobblehead FTW.

I want to play the game so bad, yet know I need to stick to studying. This will, as always, translate into a few weeks of desire-suppression followed by money splurge and at least two-day gameing orgy. I eagerly await the inevitable collapse of my will-power.


I got it the day it came out but I’m only on Elysia. I’m getting stuff to get to the other boss. The plasma beam rocks! Can’t wait to kill stuff with the next power up!:mwahaha:

I love this game and just beat the second boss on Elysia. I can’t wait to see how this game ends. The only complaint i have about this game is that it makes my wrist hurt.

funny comic from friday,

Yeah. But that’s the Wii for you. Besides, in what other games/series do you get to weld stuff and open doors by blasting them? Corse, their aren’t many Wii games out and their are only about 4 or 5 good ones till Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out.:hyperven:

So, anyone mind using a Spoiler tag and saying what MP3 is all about storywise?

Well, what do you already know?

The ending of Prime 2.

…blamf it, I’ll run a wiki on it.

The games still new, I don’t know if there’s any place that has the ending.:noway:

GameFAQs and YouTube probably have it, but yeah please remember the spoiler tags when talkin’ story.

Got it. Besides, I don’t think youtube has it, maybe GameFAQs.

I beat the game earlier today, in about 16:31, with 100% completion. Granted that time doesn’t count all the times I’ve died, so my actual playtime is likely way more than that.

One word of warning. When you get to ‘the end’, make sure and have a copy of your game if you want to keep a save that’s at the end. The only way to access Hypermode difficulty, it seems, is to save over the file you finished the game with. I didn’t know this, and refused to save over my file, so I’ll have to make a copy and go finish it AGAIN later. It only gives you the option when the ending is over, argh.


The last area of the game is at the source of all Phazon in the galaxy, dubbed ‘Planet Phaaze’. As soon as Samus sets foot there, though, the phazon corruption within her overloads, and she becomes almost totally corrupted. This throws her into permanent hypermode, which does a few things. There’s no longer any health bar displayed, instead you’re given a yellow bar in its place which gradually fills up as you take damage, or even just spend time in Phaaze’s atmosphere. You can lower the bar by collecting energy, or by a few enemies that absorb phazon energy. Anyway, it’s kind of like a normal health bar, but in reverse. But since there’s no hard numbers to go by, it’s much more abstract, and you can never tell EXACTLY when you’re about to get game over. When it’s red and flashing it means you’re near death, but you don’t die right away. I died once about two steps away from a health recovery doohickey, even though nothing hit me. Not knowing EXACTLY when you’re done for is kind of annoying, but you get used to it.


Final boss is, duh, Dark Samus. She fights a lot like her MP2 incarnation, but much more violent. And she can make clones of herself, and regenerate her life. There’s three phases to the final boss battle. When Darky is defeated, she brings forth the stolen Aurora unit and merges with it. This gives you the closest thing to a Mother Brain battle in the Prime series. Kind of. First part of the Aurora battle has you trying to stun it first so you can rip open a protective panel and blast the soft and squishy center. Once the Aurora is defeated for the first time, it separates from its spinal cord thingy and floats around. This is the f’real final boss. It’s kinda underwhelming, in terms of overall presence. It didn’t really look or feel final bossy in any way. But, it was fairly tricky. Basically it’s only vulnerable from behind, but getting behind it is a pain. You can stun it by blasting two of its openings when it goes to fire, but this only gives you a very small window to blast it with. Your other main way of attacking it is when it’s spinning around firing lasers, but you risk taking heavy damage this way as well. And you can shoot at it randomly while it’s spinning on the ground for some extra damage. Basically, shoot like crazy at the weak point every chance you get. The hardest thing about the final battle is keeping your phazon bar low. Like I said above, it’s essentially your health bar, but in reverse. But since there’s no hard numbers it’s difficult to say when you’re done for, and when you’re not.


Dark Samus explodes in a puff of blueness. Planet Phaaze also explodes in an even bigger puff of blueness. Sadly, there’s no ‘TIME BOMB SET ESCAPE IMMEDIATELY’ sequence, which was a downer. Samus becomes de-corrupted when Darky dies (for real, I hope!) and escapes on her own. Somehow. I don’t really know HOW she did it since she was deep in the core of the planet, and there seemed to be no more than five minutes between the death of Darky and the planet’s explosion. But I guess Samus is just badass like that. Once she’s out she confirms to the fleet that the mission is complete, and then she flies off. That’s the normal ending. If you get 75% or more, you get an extra scene where Samus goes to Elysia, takes her helmet off, and has a rather emo moment staring off into the clouds and remembering Rundas, Ghor, and Ganrayda. But seriously, who gives a crap about secondary characters in Metroid? If you get 100% you get one final scene at the end of the credits where Samus goes into Zero Suit mode, boards the ship, and flies off into space, but is followed by a MYSTERIOUS SHIP. At first I thought it was freaking Dark Samus again, but according to the boards on GameFAQs the ship matches Sylux’s from Prime Hunters (which I haven’t played and thus didn’t recognize) So… I guess it’s implying that Sylux will be doing something bad in the serious later on, or something, I dunno.

There, I got the big bad spoilers out of my system. In the end I thought, real fun game. I dislike how the plot more or less railroaded you from area to area like Metroid Fusion did, I much prefer the free-roaming sandboxyness of Super Metroid, Zero Mission, and to a lesser extent, Prime 1. But despite that it was still fun as hell, and a must-buy for any Wii-owner.

Now to wait for either Nintendo to release an OST, or someone to rip it…

Finished it at 2AM, got 100% at 3AM.

Final zone was interesting, challenging somewhat, final boss not so challenging unfortunatly. Was fun though.

Will see the Last Ending tomorrow.

Despite my qualms with the soundtrack overall there are still some nice tracks in there. Anyone know any place I can get 'em? My usual sources are out.

You can find some MP3s on this site here. They’re being gradually ripped. You need to register to view that page, but it’s simple, and doesn’t require email confirmation.

it says I’m not authorized despite registering.

Edit: the site’s a fucking pest.