Metroid Prime 2

Just got my copy. RAWK! :biggrin:

I need to fix my GC.

My dad wants to get it.

Still have yet to get it. Busy with other things. :frowning: Chances are I’ll get it for when WoW is down. It’s going to kick SO much ass though, hopefully. Metroid: Prime was God. I don’t know how to top that : \

I actually didnt like prime much. But maybe thats cuz i was such a hardcore super metroid fan that i didnt like any deviation. Cuz I liked fusion enough to play it a couple times through, and if I got a hold of zero mission I prolly would like that too, but I didnt like the first person view much.

You’re just saying what damn near every hardcore Metroid fan said before they tried prime and loved it. :hahaha;

Hah. Super Metroid was good, but it was WAAAAAAAAAAY too slow. Everything just moved too slow.

No seriosuly. I tried prime, and whereas it was good I couldnt get into it hardcore. but maybe I’ll try and give it another go.

Same here, that is why I’ll wait on Prime 2.

Why must I never play any games like…Halo and Metroid? I never have, but I really want to.

I want a GameCube. T_T

I got GC for twin snakes, and zelda(not windwaker) but ya I dont use it much now.

I put the game out at work, went for lunch so I could buy it, and it sold out before I could get back down.

Having gotten a bit further into the game, I must add this:

Samus’s new weapons can only be described as TEH R0XX0R. :slight_smile:

And also: MULTIPLAYER! :hyperven:

God I want this game. What’s Mplayer like?

I havn’t gotten a chance to test it with another person yet - I’ve just been messing around with it so far - but it looks pretty good.

One thing of note is that unlike all the other Metroids, your individual beam weapons use ammo. This, of course, is an important detail in multiplayer. You have Light Ammo and Dark Ammo, and the last beam weapon - Anihilator, which I havn’t gotten in single-player yet - consumes both of them.

I was wondering what the third weapon would be. I do want the Metroid PRime weapons back though.

Kinda wish they put more use into the other Missile Combos…

I dunno about you, but I found them useful. Ice Spreader is wicked useful against the last boss. And this game has doubtlessly has three new missle combos, which I have yet to aquire.

On that note, am I the only one who used Wavebuster and thought “Who ya gonna call?” :hahaha;

Holy shit!, It’s here already? Man, I haven’t been keeping track >.<

I might have to wait on this one for a bit, because of WoW, my money will be tied, so I’ll try and get it for Christmas.

Hmmm never tired it against the last boss. The only one I found useful was the Wavebuster right before you got the Power Bombs. It was all jsut fun otherwise, since there’s nowhere really so concentrated with enemies to jsutify their use.