Metroid Prime 2 Screenshots!

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Don’t just stand there, click the link and drool! :smiley:

As you command.


Edit : Nice red x on a white squares! I hate them! I can’t see anything!

Mm… I thought for a second* and this isn’t gonna be a FPS. Wonder how it’ll handle.

*: That’s an exaggeration. I spent .0000000000001 seconds thinking and the rest of that second and several minutes were spent drooling.


Too bad I don’t have a gamecube…


yay screen shots :cool:

looking nice! Loved the first prime. But nothing can beat super metroid…

I can’t see the screenshots. Zlarg!

The first one wasen’t that great >.>;

I dunno about a sequal, then again when you look at HALO 2.

I think it basically just took all the fun out of Metroid, they could have made a really nice looking side scroller, but FPS, I think not.

Hmm, I quite liked the first one, then again, I never played any of the originals :thud: this is looking pretty damned sweet, though- yet another Gamecube game to add to the “get these!!!” list :cool:

needs to change underwear

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needs to change underwear

Ewwwwwww… Bad image.


I think that Prime did an excellent job in making the transition from 2-D to 3-D unlike a certain other series coughCastlevaniacough.

I’m not too impressed with the screenshots since I’ve already seen the video they’re from. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, don’t count your vampires before the non N64 games come out. The next CV looks quite good, unlike the next Metroid…but then again…I’ve never liked the Metroid series.


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Too bad I don’t have a gamecube… [/b]
same here, I wonder what the chances are of a convertion for the PS2

/me clicks the link and drools

I still can’t get the images to work. I never can at that site, anyone know what’s up?

Spoony, what connection are you using?

Oh, and as for those pics…this is when having a GameCube pays off.

Originally posted by Xachariah
same here, I wonder what the chances are of a convertion for the PS2

I doubt it; Metroid’s Nintendo-exclusive, IIRC.