Metroid: Other M

Anyone played it yet? I’m apart from my Wii for the time being, so I’m planning to snatch it second hand later on. Did they try to make Samus chatty?

Still early in, but I’ve been playing. She’s not chatty. A little too melancholy, but we’ll see how it goes. Good game so far. Haven’t gotten horrendously stuck, but it sometimes takes a minute or two to figure out how to proceed, which is nice. After the Prime games, however good they were, it’s nice not stopping to scan stuff all the time.

Finished it, was okay, sense-dodge can be abused to ridiculous points at times.

Samus is chatty in cutscenes, but otherwise not terribly so.

I hated the ‘find something to look at’ visor moment.

Getting to 100% item was easy enough, but gives nothing special beside unlock Hard diff.

I’d ask what getting 100% in Hard would achieve, but then I’d remember that there is no percent in [STRIKE]Hard[/STRIKE] Master Ninja Mode.

I like it. It’s more chatty and cluttered with characters than Im used to, but I find an actual plot in a metroid game to be a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.