"Meteora" my next fanfic, in progress and probably will be finished today.

Okay, honestly, has anyone ever heard of an ALBUMFIC?

Well, now ya did.

Cause my next fanfic(the next update, I think, will be like… “Penultimate Force”-“Retaliation:Afterpiece Noir”-“Meteora”…) is a set of songfics, all Linkin Park’s album “Meteora”, starting from “Foreword” to “Numb”, the last track, all chapters are songfics which tell the story told in “From The Inside”(that actually gave me the idea) from Rinoa’s way more.

Putting up with Squall and stuff, y’know.

Struggle, struggle, Zell’s interruption(“Nobody’s Listening” which he will SING when he gets tired of getting caught between Squall and Rinoa), struggle, diologue, happy ending:)

Well that’s certainly different, and if you do it well it should be pretty impressive.

And maybe then, we’ll see more AlbumFics.

thank you Heaven’s Soldier, for your opinion.

Anyone else? Weiila?

…albumfic? God I have to see how this turns out.

Good idea, but man, the least you could of done was pick a decent album.

Gila-Monster, as they say “you can’t please everyone”:slight_smile:

You go right ahead and try it man. I chose “Meteora” cause it was wandering around the concept of identity, and pain and struggle. Or losing identity.

I can scribble up a Galbadian political albumfic by using Biohazard’s “Uncivilization” or likewise, y’know.

Did I mention that I had finished it already?

I’ve read an album-fic for Evanescence to the anime ‘Inuyasha’. It was really interesting. ^.^

I’d like to read it sometime.