These are the Metallica songs I like: Unforgiven, Unforgiven II, Until It Sleeps, One, the Indian song about ‘the Road’, Hero of the Day, sometimes I like that song about ‘the King’( now that I remember it’s called ‘King Nothing’), and that’s it. Oh yeah, and that remake of the country Western song ‘On the Road Again’. That’s an awesome remake.

don’t speak those words out loud you evil being…

Nice 1 gila, next time just buy a ticket and go the full set, they’re still worth your money, wait till you hear em play Phantom lord, or metal militia

Yeah, I’m a ‘pop Metallica’ fan. I don’t care that much. laughs evilly

Nicely done, Gila
If I had the balls and a driver’s license, I’d do the same.
Too bad, I’m just sticking to the legal way >.>;

how the hell did you manage it?

I’d pay the money, since concerts are really the only way bands make any money. But good score nontheless.

Damn man. Good job. But, I have to agree Sorc also.

He had to sneak in because he needed to be 19 (Canadian legal drinking age) in order to get in- not because he didn’t want to pay them.


(What the hell? We have to have a minimum number of characters to post? That’s gay.)


Metallica’s not exactly my thing, old or new, but they have their moments…‘Battery’ is certainly my favorite song by them, and they have a great instrumental in ‘Orion.’ The cover of the old Misfits classic ‘Die, Die My Darling’ is great. Otherwise, their whole political/anti-theft rants have been run into the ground, and I try to ignore them as much as possible. It’s not about the money, it’s about the music, whether it’s your job or not.

And Curtis: The ‘On the Road Again’ song? That’s ‘Turn the Page,’ originally by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. Check them out sometime…they’re worth EVERYONE’S while.