Metallica, Ja Rule, Swiss Beats...?!

It’s true, I just heard the mp3 entitled ‘We Did it Again’
Now, you’d think Metallica combined with Ja Rule and Swiss Beats would SUCK ASS, but the song is, however repetitive, pretty damn good.
Anyone else heard it?

Not yet…

btw, I heard Arvil’s version of “Fuel”. She needs to join Metalica or any hard thrash rock band as to that guy on that Evansence song needs to dump his old band for her (I can’t remember his band’s name, it’s on the tip o’ meh tounge)

12 Stones

If you want the MP3 contact me via MSN or somethin (I now have every single one of Metallica’s songs)

Swiss Beats and Metallica?Well…I guess I’ll have to hear it to take your word for it…but even worse yet…Ja Rule?! That’s gotta be one hell of a good song.

You know my MSN, you want the song?

Yeah, it happened last year. Metallica didn’t actually do anything in the song, they just supplied some riffs and stuff. And I have no idea how you can think it’s a good song, it’s one of the worst songs ever. I mean, Metallica and Ja Rule? Well, whatever, what you like is what you like…

Steve next time you’re online, message me or something…I’d love to hear it.