Metal Gear Soild

This may seem like a stupid question, but I bought the game at a pawn shop and don’t have the manual.

How do you grab someone and snap their neck?

umm i think its get behind them and without hitting any direction buttons, hit attack and when he grabs them keep hitting attack till you hear their neck break

Sun Demon’s right that is how you do it. I love killing someone like that, so much fun. Especially when in stealth, and another one is watching!

I just like the noise it makes when you break the neck.

I like using people as human shields. It’s funny :stuck_out_tongue:

In MGS2, I love holding people up. If you point a rocket launcher at their crotch they piss their pants.

Heh…thanks, you guys.

On another note, one thing I enjoy doing is hiding in the carboard box.

“Oh…just a box.”

Heh…stupid guards… :hahaha;