Metal Gear for the 360

It better fucking be an MGS4 port… then again, anything new would be pretty awesome too :smiley:

edit: I realize the chances of it being a 360 title aren’t high and thats the universal symbol for power on electronics, but I wasn’t thinking when I posted this :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa. Metal Gear series was the only reason I would ever consider getting a PS3 by a long shot. I’m so glad I got a 360 instead.

Personally I’m hoping for something new, largely because I’ve already finished MGS4 several times. :slight_smile: Can’t not be excited by this though!

Yeah, if the 360 gets MGS4 then its an EPIC FAIL for Sony.

You know, I thought it might mean XBox360, too…but that symbol is a pretty universal symbol. Granted, the likelihood of it meaning XBox360 is really high, but yeah. Also, the little side games, Metal Gear Acid, use a “!” in their logo instead of the “i”, so it actually says Metal Gear Ac!d. It might mean we’re getting a Metal Gear Acid on 360 or PS3, which would be kind of lame :confused:

! is also one of the series trademarks :stuck_out_tongue:

Seconded. There are very few reasons for me to get a PS3 and with its current price tag, very little incentive. I can’t wait to see Sony get reamed during the holidays.

I’ve got my money on a brand new series since Snake’s supposedly hung up his holster in MGS4 (perhaps a strategy game entitled Metal Gear Intelligence or something to that effect).

At least I can rest assured that it’s not the next Portable Ops (not like that would be a bad thing to have mind you).

Editor’s Edit: Of course there’s a nice ring to Metal Gear HD! too.

No telling what this could be. Though I still need to play MGS4, but I don’t want to pay for a PS3. They better release it for 360, so I can play it eventually.


I’m not sure

I’m holding out before I comment; this one could end up, like, NAKED MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE!!, or, perhaps, LIQUID MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE!!!. Even if MGS4 ended the series, chronologically, there’s still a lot of unfilled space in-between.

Yup. Could easily be more stuff with Big Boss.

Surprisingly I haven’t seen much of this one go by yet.

The problem with that picture on vgcats is, there IS a symbol like the teaser on an XBox, but if you look at the picture that sun posted, it’s a symbol that’s inside the XBox ring.

Either way, I think we’re probably all on the wrong track. I’ll bet that the teaser is referring to what the next Metal Gear will be about, or what it’ll be like, rather than what console it’s on.

The only indicator its the xbox is the color.

Interesting. Hopefully confirmation soon. I’ve been looking for a reason to get a new phone >_>

1UP says that an announcement will be made in the coming weeks. I can’t wait, I really, really hope it’s MGS4 although its practically inconceivable.

Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone.


Double boo.