Message Board

Say that, theoretically, if I wanted to start my own FREE message board, where could I get a good reliable FREE one?

I can give you a miva one. edit: CRAP. Sorry… I don’t have em anymore.

Or if you have a server with PHP and MySQL

PHPBB is a good alternative, go with that.

PhpBB is nice and very customizable, but I wouldn’t call is as friendly as InvisionBoards. It has more features preinstalled, and it’s styles are easier to modify.

It all depends on what you want. If you’re new to administrating forums, I’d suggest you go with InvisionBoards though.

Unless they release phpBB 2.1.1 in the meanwhile, it tags along a series of imporvements that makes the differences between the two almost nonexistant. PhpBB remains very easy to customize though.

Lycos UK and Lycos France are free and provides php enabled hostspace and a mySQL database. Last time I checked, they lagged less than Ezboards.

I want something that is easy and it looks good.

I’d go with InvisionBoards then. At least untill phpBB 2.1.1 is released sometime in the foreseeable future.

AcmlmBoard has lots of goodies, if you don’t mind administering everything through PHPMyAdmin.