Mesmerizing Dinoflagellites

Eat smaller dinoflagellites. Eat other dinoflagellites. Cannablize. Watch your dinoflagellite grow.

Ah… Flow. Such an interesting little game. Tis a shame that nothing happens after you beat it a second time using one of those gaping mouth things with the balls around them.

I know. A bit disappointing. The maker said the game ends there for now.

Great game until my computer couldn’t handle all the activity.

This is either the precursor to Spore or a cheap rip-off of it.

Or it was a project for a graduate portfolio. :x

But yeah. I saw this on GFAQ’s Spore board two months ago or so. So… Flairadactyl, Batistadon, etc.

Ha ha ha.


I couldn’t play this until a few weeks ago due to my crappy mouse. Fun little diversion, highly recomended.

I saw this on front page of SA the other day. Played for a bit, and got bored quick.

Pretty music.