mermaid girl O_o;;

looks great… can’t believe you did something like this at Wal*Mart… but at least I’m glad you did it there and not K-Mart or… ugh… TARGET. shudders

Target? bad memories?
I will draw a picture there too…
Actually I’ve never been to TARGET…

I echo everything said about angles. Also, her left arm is a bit too long and wide. Her breasts and hips are too big for her body (though you might have been aiming for this?) and her tail isn’t very long. She needs more shading and colour to bring her to life. her hair also needs the same thing and she be cascading down, as in more flowing instead of the irky wavey style you have going on there. Like I said, some of this you may have been aiming for, to make her more cartoonish than real, but meh.

I’ll try to work on that, I really don’t care whats wrong with her, I’m happy with my picture. Thats all that matters right?

:too bad; I iwish I could draw like that.

Actually, I get the sudden urge to draw a mermaid now :smiley: I really love the way you drew th hair. I gotta try that too! rushes to get pencil and paper

But why didn’t you use better paper?

I didn’t think it would actually look somewhat nice…
so… I like the hair too.

“Mermaid girl” is redundant. You say “mermaid” for a female and “merman” for a male. Just a heads up.

Good picture.