mermaid girl O_o;;

I drew amermaid girl in walmart… I got lots of wierd stares. ^ ^;;
Anyway comments, critque and donations excepted. ( or if anyone will assassinate my friend you stole the original because she liked it, that will be accepted to)

Wow, that’s really good.

Thanx. Any critisism? anywhere?? starts searching…

LOL I thought you drew a mermaid in a wal- mart XD
Anyways, nice. I especially like the hair :smiley:
is a fan of multicolored hair
However, I think the space between bellybutton and breasts is a little too wide, and the lower arm (the left one) seems a little thick, but aside from that, I think it’s really pwetty ^^

Very Pretty. I loved it.

Nice. The face is maybe a bit too wide and the right hand a bit awkward. Maybe it’s just me though.

Very nice. The breasts are maybe a little too rounded, but nothing too bad.

Cool. You’re a good artist you know.:cool:

She’s very pretty; like the ocean itself. I like it very much!

Very cute! :slight_smile: I really liked it.

Still seems flat and a bit 2 dimensional. Probably because she’s flat on the paper. I don’t know how long you’ve been drawing, but if you’re a beginner, you need to start drawing things at an angle. Not only does it make the picture seem more interesting to the viewer, but it also adds depth and allows you to experiment with different shading/values, lighting (since the object is no longer facing you exactly, as it is now). Start doing this and it will definitly help your skills evolve.

Thanx, I’ll remember to draw angles and stuff… though I really don’t know what you mean. I’ve only been drawing a short while and everything is confusing @_@

He means instead of an almost straight front profile, draw a 45 degree top profile or a side profile or something like that.

ummm… confused…

It isn’t that complicated of an idea. Try drawing things so that aren’t so two dimensional, so flat on the page. For example, you see how your mermaid is facing us full frontal? Well try drawing her so that she isn’t looking in our direction, straight off the page, try drawing her so that she’s looking at something else, but not us. I could show you what I mean, but I’d have to be there.

I like it. Most everyone has already pointed out everything that i noticed. Nice start though. :slight_smile:

Instead of the faces like this

<img src = “”>

You can try drawing them like this

<img src = “”>

More angles

<img src = “”>

That reference face looks insanely familiar and I have no idea why…

Cless wins!

Indeed, as the others said, you need to master prespective. BTW, Cless, that was a GREAT way of showing her what we mean!

Other than that, I have to agree with Cless on the Face and Hand.

However, I really like your sense of design and color. You have talent, so don’t quit!