Memory Card Archeology...

I got bored last night and started looking at all the old save files on my ps2 memory card. It was rather interesting seeing all of the old files that I haven’t used in years. For example:

Eternal Ring from 3/10/01
4 Armored Core 2 from 8/10/01
11 Lunar files 11/5/01
5 fft 11/5/01
4 xenogears 11/5/01
assorted other ps1 on 11/5/01 (I believe that was the day I discovered that little feature)

Anyone else ever tried doing something similar? It was somewhat entertaining for a while last night.

nope. I should though.

I check my memory card everytime I’m bored. I hope to find a save for a game I haven’t played in a while, so I have something to do. Alas, I totally cleaned it out about a month ago. If I want to start a new game, it’ll have to be from scratch. To me that’s OK because I only like playing one RPG at a time.

Alas, I deleted my good ff7 files b4 learning how to back them up on my ps2 card.

I do this every once in a while. Just not too long ago, I found my memory card filled with 6 Valkyrie Profile saves, as well as my 120-hour Dragon Warrior VII file. So I went and beat up God again for a lark.

my 120 hr. dw7 file is missing a shard, the one from the ending…

I suppose you could count my memory card which has a $75 000 crazy taxi file on it :hahaha; and the one I spontaneously got 18 months later which clocked up 72 grand :mwahaha: I still have that, probably will until I die :mwahaha:

I never delete my old ones. My PS2 one still has my MGS2 and DMC1 saves from 2001.

My PSOne card has a Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain file on it from about 1995/6.