Memories of the 90's

what 90’s Final Fantasy(or any 90’s RPG for that matter)do you have the fondest memories of?

Suikoden II
Castlevania SotN

You do realize that the “90s” is a GIANT time span for videogames in general not JUST rpgs… SNES and PSX almost entirely lived out thier lives in the 90s

FFMQ. First RPG I ever played. Sniff.

Easy, FFVII, same reason as Darkness but a different game. :slight_smile:

Making it the 90s only does help weed out some of the new crap that people have taken a loving to… like FF10

First RPG Ever: Chrono Trigger.

First FF: Final Fantasy 6

I love both of them dearly.

Breath of Fire… the first RPG i ever beat without help or cheating.
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom… the 2nd RPG i ever beat without help or cheating.

pours a shot of Jagermeister good times !

I think my first RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars; it was chasacters like Booster, and the Axem Rangers that got me really attached to the game. For the time, the music was excellent, and I think that game ‘might’ have the single greatest collection of good tunes within a single SNES game.

My first FF game was wayyyy after FFIX came out, and I started on the III US rom… Soon after, I gained an addition to FFV, EarthBound, ChronoTrigger, Kingdom Hearts…

FF9, It was my first FF…

FF7, the first RPG i had ever played.
FF8, my parents completely surprised me with it. I hadn’t even realised it was out, until they showed me the copy they just bought me.

I don’t remember but I have a little cool thing that I just figured out in Chrono Trigger. I was fighting the final boss and apparently his timewarp ( the skill he uses to change the background thus changing the attacks he can use) is considered an attack. It would cure confusion and make Ayla, who had the Frenzy Band, counter.

My first RPG was the original Dragon Warrior for NES, and my first Final Fantasy was the original Final Fantasy for NES…

I began playing video games when I was 5 and played my first RPG a couple years later I think… It’s difficult to remember that far back…

I’m a nerd, I know… :no2:

Anyways, my fondest memories of the 90s were in ascending order:

FFII(US) - First SNES RPG I ever played… Well besides Actraiser, which was more of an Action/Sim game…

FFVII - Second Playstation game I ever played… Vandal Hearts, which was a good game in its own right, was the first…

FFIII(US) - Blew me away…

Chrono Trigger - Also blew me away…

Those were my First RP and First FF, also. But My fondest memories of the 90s were Langrissser, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, and Phantasy Star. and FF4. How could I forget that?

FF1 was my first RPG also. But i never beat it untill i did emulation.

Could Gemstone Warrior for the C64 be considered an RPG ? if so, that was really my first RPG.

I played both Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy as a kid, but owned neither. DW was really cool to me. (Funnily enough, the guy who had it would today never touch a video game.) The first RPG I owned was FF6 and that’s what hooked me.

First RPG Game: Dragon Warrior for NES
First FF Game: Final Fantasy II/IV for the SNES.

Other great RPG Games:
Super Mario RPG
Lufia I & II
Chrono Trigger
Breath of Fire I & II

FFI in like 94. Got me hooked. Also, DWI sometime shortly thereafter. I still have both games. :slight_smile: