Memories, memories :-)

Ah, classic game shows revisited, with a little twist.

Remember those times you were creepy and posted naked pictures of yourself.

Memories, Memories

That was fucking funny! I remember that damn game show, it always made me thing i was so much better than these contestants/

I think only Sat and myself will get the “Beat the Clock” reference Neb.

Hahahah, awesome, I remember that game! I likes :slight_smile:

(But god it makes me feel old T_T)

That’s actually a pretty classy parody of the UK game show <A HREF=“”>The Crystal Maze</A>. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but the contestants seemed about that daft on the episodes that I’ve seen. I always had interest in it because it was hosted by <a href=“’Brien”>Richard O’Brien</a>, best known for his starring role (Riff-Raff) in <a href=“”>The Rocky Horror Show</a>, which he wrote, and for reprising that role in the film adaptation, <a href=“”>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</a>, which can still be seen in theaters across the UK, the US, Australia, and Japan over 30 years after its original big screen debut.