Memories are funny things...

One of my incredibly geekier hobbies is that I like to collect old cult TV theme tunes on my computer… :thud: OK, now that I’ve got the confession out of the way, it’s down to the meat & 2 veg of the thread- today, I stumbled upon a site, on which was the theme tune of “The Legend of Prince Vailaint”. Now, I haven’t seen that cartoon in 6, almost 7 years, not even thought about it for 3 years (probably), but when I played the theme tune, I found myself singing along- against all probability, I remembered practically every lyric of the song, word for word… Anyone else had any freakish occurrences like that?

The same thing happens with me and ‘Fly Me To The Moon’

I used to collect old cartoons’ midi tunes, but I’ve lost them all >_<