Memorable Boss Fights

Raziel Vs. Sarafan Raziel (Soul Reaver 2)

“I RENOUNCE YOU!” :enguard:

And of course I loved to watch Kain turn Mr. Big Bad Squid into sushi. XD

Revan Vs. Malak, Lightside style (Knights of the Old Republic)
Uthar Vs. Yuthura Ban (Knights of the Old Republic) I think Yuthura deserved a bigger part in the game, by the way.

Aribeth (Neverwinter Nights) In several ways, Aribeth and Bastila (KoTOR) are alike. The fight between her and the Hero of Neverwinter had an epic Jedi-like touch, although I hated to know that she died after those events, even if you had gone through the trouble of turning her back to the light

Eva:The name is Dario.

The fight with Luca Blight in Suikoden 2.
Raziel vs Kain in Defience.
The fight between Fei’s Xenogears vs Graph’s Weltall

Can’t remember anymore.

Ursula from Fire Emblem 7, killing her, not letting anyone die, and getting the TWO optional characters on that chapter was hard as hell.

The Ninja on MGS. That was a cool fight.

Mundus on DMC. That was a interenting battle.

Hojo on FF7. Just when ya thought he couldn’t get any uglier, he did.