Member introduction and such


My name is Charlie.

I frequent the chatroom.

I’m bakin’ cookies.

I’m building a perpetual motion device.

I’m in love with letters.

I use them to build words.

These words give me a tactical advantage when constructing paragraphs.

None of the above are paragraphs.

Lethal Weapon is a movie I like.

I dated a girl obsessed with Japanese anime for four years.

I hate anime.

I hate Japan.

I hate my ex-girlfriend.

Anglophiliacs assemble.

I’m eating Pillsbury orange stickybuns.

I make love with motion, amidst commotion in the ocean.

I like fried rice.

Any single gurlz here: hawt 23 year old journalist of scottish/irish/welsh/french canadian descent l00king 4 luv.

I’d fend off the kittens if they weren’t so god damned adorable.

I’m mostly on IRC.

Buy my movies on eBay.


rips open shirt and prepares for a flaming

Hasta pronto

Welcome to the Agora, Fried Rice is delicious.

Hi! Sticky Bun Eatin’ Ex Girlfriend Hatin’ 23 Year Old!

If you were selling something on ebay shouldn’t you link to the store or list your name or something?


I frequent the bathroom, too.

I don’t think I like you.

I don’t know Hades, I liked that. Though I doubt the dedication of an Anglophile who uses hasta pronto. Were it hasta la vista, it could be construed as a nod to that most* Anglosaxon movie, Terminator, but are we to assume that the Anglo culture has incorporated -or been conquered by- Hispanic culture? Am I proud when I see an American dude ordering in Castellano at Burger King in Barcelona while his daughters don’t seem to understand the word? Yes. Should we discuss the feelings of the cashier that he didn’t use Catala, you Madrileno imperialistic ass of a stranger! Probably not. >snipe the rest of the digression<

So, why Charlie the Red?

Do you ever describe your ancestry as non-English?

Will you ever top your first post or will you have a mediocre second album, make a minor comeback with the third and do a 10-year anniversary reunion after NME’s -are music mags still relevant?- special feature?


*weep, Brit film!

Is it me** or is the average age of the members rising?

**I’m doing my part, I know.

Instead of allowing myself to hit the sophomore slump, I’m just going to say “fuck all” and put out my own version of Faith No More’s Angel Dust. That way, my credibility rises while my commercial success plummets.

So my ancestry isn’t English. I’m not really big into the English culture as much, since really I’m more fascinated with Brythonic and Goidelic culture. I don’t know the Latin prefix for either. I’m Welsh/Irish/French-Canadian from my mom’s side and the remaining 50% is from pure, unrefined, shackle-dragging indentured servant Scottish-American.

But Angel Dust came after they’d hit their peak, no? Besides, someone had borrowed my copy for 3 years.

After they hit their commercial peak, sure. But critically and based on longevity, Angel Dust is still considered to be their masterpiece.

Yeah, I mean where’s your commercial success? (I accept donations.)