Melty Blood translation finished

One of the sorta-sequels to Tsukihime, the fighting game Melty Blood has been now fully translated to English by Revolve. The story takes place after the nonexistent Satsuki Normal Ending, which is pretty much Nasu’s excuse for an impossible setting in which all major conflicts from Tsukihime where solved without anybody dying.

I still haven’t figured out whether this will work with Re-ACT as well (I hope so, the raw MB’s system is pretty shitty) but I’ll update once I work things out. The games can be acquired at your local pirate cave.

On somewhat related news, an English patch for Kagetsu Tohya is scheduled for release sometime this year courtesy of an assorted group of Beast’s Lair regulars (There’s already an incomplete version out), both Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai are being translated at a snail’s peace in Baka-Tsuki, and Mirror Moon’s translation of Fate/stay night might be out… sometime before the apocalypse.


Update: You need the original game for it to work, Re-ACT won’t do. The intarwebs are currently going postal looking for a damn copy of it, but I think I found one.

Oh god oh god oh god oh god finally finally finally.

Edit: I got it to work, but damn the original Melty Blood is painful after having played Final Tuned.

Ah, I knew there was a reason fighting games where so uninteresting to me: I ABSOLUTELY SUCK. Not to mention the little skil that I had developed with Shiki went down the crapper since he’s pretty different from the Re-ACT version.

And yes, it does hurt to go back after playing Re-ACT. I can’t even remember how to trigger heat in this one…


Yeah, going back to the original Melty Blood is painful. Orginal Shiki plays like a Nanaya in ReACT+ with more start up for his QCF and less speed (I think). But yeah, it’s sort of odd with their moveset if you got used to the newer ones. As a side note, I don’t think you can trigger heat (Or at least, the manual makes no mention of heat), but you can use the Arc Drive anytime you’re at 300%. Now, we need to wait for the ReACT patch to get out.

Yeah, I figured out mostly everything and got used to Shiki again… except I can’t use Sion worth shit. I’m doing the third path now and Nrvnqsr is whipping my ass. And no, I’m not turning the difficulty down. I have no skill, but I still have some pride.

Also, was Shiki’s Arc Drive that goddamned impossible to get to work in Re-ACT too? I think I managed to make it hit only twice.

Yeah, I can’t use Sion very well either. I managed to get Shiki’s Arc Drive to hit most of the time. You just can’t be right next to them when you start it. and you need Shiki to move over them and them BAM!

I (finally) figured a mostly-foolproof way of pulling Shiki’s Arc Drive by doing it right after his launcher (B+B) which makes it almost impossible to block. Remind me never to play this against a living person, because my strategy consists of spamming the same two moves constantly until they somehow hit.

Oh, and G-Akiha is a goddamn bitch. First time I play against her and I can’t figure out any good strategy aside from “double jump like nuts and hope she doesn’t do anything as I’m landing”. Still haven’t beaten her, which is getting on my nerves since I want to do Night On the Blood Liar already.

Are you guys playing on the highest difficulty or something? I just button mash and I’ve never lost a fight, even getting <strike>two</strike> <small>update: </small>five Perfect KOs.

Edit: Nevermind, just fought G-Akiha and got my ass owned :[

I figured out a way to (relatively) easily beat G Akiha.

Weak attack = A
Med. attack = B
Strong attack = C

Stay close to her, but not right up against her, in the beginning of the round. Stay two or three steps away from her.

Jump forward, press C at the right time to kick her in the goddamn face, air-jump backwards before you land, and press C again. You should be able to land two strong kicks at her before you land. Her short-ranged punching move won’t be able to reach you if you’ve jumped backwards at the right moment.

Doing the backwards air-jump allows you to be in an aerial block mode, so even if G Akiha throws those fire pillar things at you, you’ll be able to block them. The only dangers are:

  1. She throws two of those fire pillar things in a row. This just depends on your reflexes (hold block instead of jumping ahead for the next attack). I’ve been able to block them 75% of the time, and fight isn’t even that long, so it shouldn’t be that hard.
  2. She moves forwards or backwards. This depends on how practiced you are at aerial jumping, dashing, and blocking at the right time. If you’re good at it, while moving into an ideal position to attack her, you’ll still be able to get in a few kicks.

Some things to note:

  1. Set your playing mode on the easiest. Unless you’re some kind of masochist.
  2. Set your continues to 4 (the maximum). Unless you’re some kind of masochist.
  3. One punch from her will do more than your EX attack, so don’t use your ARC drive (Shiki’s won’t work; I’ve tried), and don’t use any EX attacks. Unless you’re some kind of masochist.
  4. Use the double up jump instead of jumping backwards if you judge that her fire pillar attack will miss you if you do this. This depends on reflexes.



Oh god oh god oh god oh god finally finally finally redux.

Damnit why must I be at work right now. :too bad:

Fuck yes!

Just a bump to say that Act Cadenza was released today :booster: Its a port to PC of the arcade version of MB:FT, but it also has new characters and evasion rolls :o

Its also not licensed in the US, soooo…


there is a netplay client out for MB:AC, and it works flawlessly. like, no lag whatsoever.

i want some people to play with :3

I’d go for it, but I blow far too much to even consider going against another human being :confused:

:frowning: In all fairness we’re all probably around the same skill level, considering until now its not been really possible to play another human.

Just drop by IRC for a few matches and you’ll get better in no time. Me, kaseli and some other dudes have been playing casually since MBCaster came out (it’s seriously way better than the Re-ACT netplay app. Response feels a bit slow sometimes but other than that it’s lagless) and we’ve gotten fairly decent since then, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t too.

Oh, you may want to check the Melty Bread forums too. They have a lot of combo lists and guides that you may find useful to read.