Mein Fuhrer...i mean sure dad

i was sitting around my house yesterday playing my guitar, when my dad walks into my room holding the cordless phone. he proceeds to yell at me for using it and takes it to the shed and chops it in half with a roofing hammer. this on top of other things recently, he’s really pissing me off. i don’t know what i’ve done. now they want me to buy the new phone cuz “it’s my fault the other one got destroyed.” i replied that I hadn’t chopped the phone. this only made it worse and we generally just took turns being pissed. home life sucks about now.


Yeah, sorc pretty much said it.

One chopped phone is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

Your dad sounds like he is mentally imbalanced; I would seek help immediately.

Is there anything really stressful going on for him? Did he lose his job? Did he go through a divorce? Was there a death in the family?

Just be glad you weren’t the phone.

There has to be more to this story.

Soon as I graduate I am SO out of here.

He prolly just had a pissy day at work. no death, no pink slip, no divorce…prolly just Denis (yes, that’s how he spells it) bein Denis. Yeah, i’m glad i wasn’t the phone. After he chucked the pieces in through my door, i took it apart and i worked with it for a while, then realized there was nothing to do but pull the whole thing apart. so i did.

EDIT: He also has been having trouble recently with finances and some specific people in the church, and prolly some other stuff i don’t know about.

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I say cut your dad a break. It sounds like he is under a lot of stress. Having kids is one of the most difficult things a person can do. Stay out of his way for a while until he calms down.

Besides, its only a couple years before you can jump ship.

that is pretty callous. We’ve always allowed people to hash out their real life parent travails here, even if it doesn’t have much direct impact on us. Don’t read the thread if you don’t want to hear it.

When I first read that, I didn’t see “ship” at the end. XD

Seconded. This isn’t like Setz that just had to have his entire life plastered on our boards. Your dad sounds like he has issues.

Yeah. I’ve taken to leaving when i can, get out of their hair for a while. and like you said, i won’t be there for too much longer. jumping ship was a good way to put it too :smiley:

Does your father abuse alcohol?



Methinks someone needs anger managment. >.>

No, just him.


Really, you ought to get him sent to an anger management course. It would do both him, you, the rest of your family, and not to mention phonekind a whole lot of good.

Yeah, go tell your dad he needs anger management… There’s no way that will piss him off.