Meh... it's only been four years

hmm lots changes when you go off to college I guess…

Picked up FFXII the other day and played through it… made me think of all you guys.

granted… 90% of you don’t remember me, and the 10% that do - I apologize haha. (I used to be a D*CK!)

anyhow, I may or may not be back on a more permanent basis, but I thought I’d touch base and say “hi”

and thanks to everyone who sorta kept me in line during those delicate formative years of my adolescence when I posted here WAYYY too much.

umm… if you wanna see what I’ve been up to… go check out my youtube account… lotsa new yoyoing fun.

seeya around.

I don’t remember you, but apparently your second post here was in the “Orakio in a coma…” thread, which makes me wonder what ever happened to Orakio.

I kind of remember you. I definitely remember the avatar.

RC: Who cares? He’s probably off boinking someone thats 6 years younger than him.

I vaguely remember your name. As for Orakio, form all I understood back then, he pretended to have gotten a grave disease when he actually hadn’t, got into a fight with almost everybody from here, and then was never seen again.

Part of growing up is being able to say things like that.

I remember this one time Orakio had a sexually explicit avatar. Those were the days…



And getting hit by yellow tennis balls! Er, flashes of yellow light