Megumi Hayashibara

Do you think her most prominent role was Lina Inverse or Rei Ayanami?

Lina Inverse. But by far her coolest role was Pen-Pen.

I’d say Lina Inverse, though I think her best was Lime.

Lime’s merely okay. You can’t say any role is cooler than a domestic penguin though. You can’t.

She voiced Pen Pen? That’s awesome.

Pen-Pen made sounds? But yeah, it was Lina.

I thought you were talking about Music, in which case her most prominent role would have been in Shaman King.

That’s your opinion. Mine holds that Lime is one of my favorite anime characters, and that Megumi’s voice work with her is absolutely STELLAR. She brings such life to Lime, she sounds so lively, so energetic, Megumi really makes Lime a believable, and beautiful character.

Even with the shortest, simplest phrases of hers, like “Otaru, daisuki~!” or “Hao!” She manages to bring Lime to life so well.

So, yeah, I can say that role is cooler than a penguin. That’s my opinion. I won’t be changing it any time soon.

Yeah well that just means you wont stop being a dumb-bum anytime soon.

And Megumi does that with every character she voices. You didn’t mention anything exclusively Lime that makes that particular role better than any other.

I have to agree with Hades. Awesome answer.

Ok, just because I neglected to mention that, doesn’t mean I didn’t already know that. All of her voice roles I’ve heard were awesome, Be they Lime, Lina, Nuku-Nuku, Rei, or whoever. I just happen to like Lime the most out of them. Is that such a problem?

Anyway, I like Shiratori Yuri more, to tell the truth.

When I watched Shadow Skill, my first instinct was that Elle’s voice was done by Megumi. But Elle’s voice was deep, I doubted that could be true

But Megumi really did do Elle’s voice. So my instinct was right