Megaman Zero...

Two things: First, how do I get the final level on the Z saber? I have the other 3 weapons maxed but the saber refuses to go any higher.
Second, how does one kill the second form of X? The most I can manage to do is about 6 little bars and that is by way of one of the elves that shoots stuff :(.

1st Q: Which levels do you have? I’m guessing you got the triple slash and the 2 levels of charged cut, but did you gain the spinslash upgrade and the dashing cut upgrade? You need to do air slashes and dashing slashes to get those.

2: charge saber, jump on one of the sidepods, jump toward his head when you see an opening, release saber wave cut. He’s ice weak if I recall.

First question i can’t answer because i don’t remember.

Second question:Yeah the second form is a pain in the ass to beat,you got to hit X’s head,and to do that you got to climb the floting pillars on each side of the battlefield then hit him,might want to have an elf that saves you from falling in a pit just in case.

I have the air spin slashes, so I guess I need to do some dashing. I also realized that my other problem is that I never used any elves until that fight. I think it’s time to crack out the vital up ones and the defense up.

Remember that using them lowers your ranking,if you reached this far without using elves then just use recovery elfs,and the one to save you from pits,as it won’t lower your rank that much.

I’ve been averaging Cs on missions, with a few Bs. I just started playing yesterday, stayed up till 4 am b4 I made myself get some sleep. I don’t really care about my rank, I just want to beat the damned thing. MM end bosses are not my forte at all. I can do the normal ones, but the finals always stomp the shit out of me.

I don’t remember the final boss being that hard… MMZero 2 was much more challenging, IMO.

After playing MMZero 2, the first one seems like a cakewalk.

I never really had trouble with either of them :confused:

Well, I’m not an awsome gamer as far as side scrollers go, but megaman zero 2 was obviously more challenging than the first one. Even if someone can say they were both easy, I’m sure they would recognize that one is slightly more challenging than the other, even if that means it’s still easy to them.