Megaman X Command Mission Screenshots

That’s because Zero IS Bass… Bass was upgraded to Zero by Willy but since Zero retains no memory of his former self he fights for good :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong,go play the MM anniversary collection and finish Mega Man Power Fighters 2 and you will understand,if you don’t got it (shame on you) heres the summary

Willy shows Bass the almost compleat Zero and how it would blow Mega Man and Bass,and also talks that he finished his second proyect developed with Zero

LOL, XD ok people I think we got our point on proving him wrong :stuck_out_tongue: So Zero, where did you get the pics? I wanna see more :smiley:

I know I was wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
But look at all the beautiful procrastination this developped ^^; psyche :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, at least he gets two good supers outta the deal…unless we’re talking about Darkstalkers Morrigan, in which case, he’s screwed.

Those pictures kick me and remind me of Lunaris back in the chat… with his guns and all. Just something that hit me…

Bass and Hyper Mega from MvsC O_o;

It’d be interesting to see Capcom’s own version of the time between MM & MMX… Since now we only have speculation.

Oh NO! >:O Haha, I almost find the idea pretty neat. Kind of like MM7’s Bass vs X password thing, but I like more… uh… I dunno… meh… just nothing like Power Battle. But, er, I just think it would have been interesting for Capcom to have made a fighter game, but heh, many probably have and I feel like the idea of it almost makes it not worth it anyways , or so

i think he IS screwed

however, just for fun:

more screens

And for the record, yes I was talking about Darkstalkers Morrigan.

But of course!

UMM isnt this game already out ? i mean it was like a month ago since i saw it for sale at gamestop?or is it just me…nah :hahaha;

Seeing as how we at gamestop havent even recieved any “reserve your copy today!” promotional stuff or an official release date, I dont know HOW you got that idea. Maybe because you saw a box for MMX7 which is another 3d megaman x game. However, this game is NOT out yet. If it were, we’d all have answers to the “will it suck ass?” questions.

then your area is really slow then i must have seen it on the “reserved” sign crap :noway: i know what im talkin about :kissy:and another thing. I KNOW HOW TO READ ,it said 'megaman X bla bla"( and not a fukin #) ,so if i missed something i would know but whatever,… think what you believe

Just to clarify before you read any lower, this is written as if you are saying you saw an actual display of Megaman X Command Mission from capcom. Not a marker on dry erase board style reservation display. If it was a marker display, then ignore the following.

New update, the official release date in our system as of today is September 22, 2004. I take that back and appologize when I said there wasnt an official release date, I called my manager to confirm it.

You say you saw MMX:CM for SALE at your local gamestop. I was stating that it couldnt have been somthing official by Capcom because they havent sent any stores anything. You then snapped with obnoxiously large letters, and in a tone that wasnt necissary. If you infact saw some sort of release date set up by one of the employees I’ll not argue that point. It’s very possible.

All I am saying is that on that corperate has not shipped any promotional items whatsoever for Megaman X Command Mission to any Gamestop locations. The reason is, we only advertise games with pretty signs and whatnot if the company pays us to. Which is why we endorsed that shitty Pitfall game. Now, whatever you may have seen could have been a sign made by the employees of your gamestop OR capcom possibly sent them a display for some fuck-odd reason. However, knowing that corperate will NOT allow any gamestop to freely advertise games unless the company is paid first, that store would be risking a big ass write up when the get a “secret shopper”. Now, if by chance Capcom DID pay corperate, then every gamestop would be mandated to display said game in their store. We ALL have to look alike.

Now, lets assume our store is slow, ok? I’m in Bellevue Washington, about 15 minutes from Seattle. Capcom’s headquarters (in america) is in California. So seeing as how you live at the opposite end of the country, I HIGHLY doubt your store would get your displays before us if mailed from Capcom for display.

SO, before you start snapping at me for what you believe I think, reconsider how you interpret that which I said in my initial message to you.

ok pay attention, i guess maybe you overlooked after on what I said about seeing it reserved, my bad on the sales part ok i take that back, but its just a dam game so let it be.
and you know what 1# i wasnt snapping at you ,i have no reason to get pissed off over a game #2you take things way too seriosly and #3 relax dammit. well maybe i was having mirage or some stupid crap?I DONT KNOW . MAYBE you are rite but all i know is ama just give in before i get pissed and make myself public dam enemy #1.

i like Felicia more than Morrigan

Felicia is a kitty girl, but her perportions (hands and feet) make my tummy hurt.

I like my “Killer Bee” just fine.

Rockman X: Command Mission is out in my area… hee hee :ulty:

Sweet, you live in Japan?

No… But I know where to look for imported games with a very low… low… price…