Megaman X Command Mission Screenshots

I like those new armors, I really do.


WOOOOOOOOOW, look at it, look at it! Zero has Wings and X has SOO Big guns! my Mega Man collection will surely grow once more.

I was Saving this for Sin, But you can have it!

Ouin Ysuin Muugc Knayd!!!

Big Nutter
Al-Bhed, Matey!

Heheh. Zero finally gets new armour~

Me likes. :smiley:

well the black armor from MMX5 was neat, but not soo great…

My god, they turned Zero into Bass. :no2:

I definitly need to get this game now,anybody know the realease date?X and Zero look awesome,and i hope that they have more armors than just those,even if they don’t i will still be happy.

And Zero looks like a mix of Zero,Shademan and a little bit of Bass.

That’s what I thought.

Where is Rush X or Protoman X?

I really liked the red suit a lot more with Zero… And Megaman’s is fine, I guess. Megaman is stupid though, so who cares. >.>;

No, it’s worse: they turned him into Morrigan.

but Zero also looks like shade man from MM7

Hey, I actually like those armors, even if Zero does look like Bass

That’s because Zero IS Bass… Bass was upgraded to Zero by Willy but since Zero retains no memory of his former self he fights for good :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as i remember the evil zero fought against Sigma and tanferred his own Program into Sigma, Zero lost his Memory during the battle and Sigma was infected by the “Zero Virus” and became evil.

uhhhhh…no :no2:

I’ve heard the “Zero was evil but ttransfered consciousness to Sigma” bit, but not the ‘Zero is Bass’ bit.

“Zero IS Bass”, bullshit, that sounds like somthing out of a bad fanfiction.
Play MM8, you’ll see where Zero was an entirely different plan, as there is a bit where you see what looks like the schematics for Zero’s prototype near the end of the game.

I hate the new armor. I liked X when he was a sidescrolling platformer character. This new mediocre 3d horse shit isnt going to cut it as a REAL megaman game. I am referring ONLY to the Megaman X7 game. The controlls dont feel right. The graphics were MUCH better as 2d sprites and the voice acting is disgusting. As an added bonus, you also were introduced to shit-stain, errr I mean AXL… Over all, Megaman X is changing, IMO it has gone significantly down hill from the great game it once was. At least we still have Megaman Zero.

Hopefully, Megaman Command Mission will make up for the new fangled style with a damn good story. If not, I’m done with MMX indefinately.

Thats my pees and carrots.

Looks like they mixed Zero with Shade Man and X with Paildramon. :stuck_out_tongue: