Megaman X Collection: New details


Damn you SG, I was going to post this >.<

Did anyone else cry of joy about the re-dubbing of X4? The only way this could get better would be with a public execution of the original VAs.

So, SG, do you feel special when you’re mistaken for SK?

Also, yay.

Arrr Edit: Haw no, damn you, SE.

Awesome. I like X better than the regular Megaman because you can wall jump.

Darn, that means they probably won’t have “DIE! XXX! JUSDIE, X!” in the redid X6.

… not, of course, that this makes up for X6’s gameplay, but.


I wonder how much I can sell my copies of X4, X5 and X6 for…

Sweet. Once I get this, my megaman collection shall be complete!

Huh. Mega Man Battle & Chase… And not one of the 5000 or so US pressed copies… That alone (well, never owning X5 and X6 >.>) should be reason to get this.

HOWEVER! The 984 demands the portable X games be included!

I haven’t got any sleep and I’m still 8 hours away from bedtime, just be glad I can type <.<

I really couldn’t care less for the Xtreme games but it does seem weird they are not included.

Ah well. I don’t recall the GB MMs being included in the MM:AC, so Xtreme not being there makes sense.

Awesome. Any word on the removal of the G n’ R names from X5?

Oh, c’mon, the name Duff McWhalen was awesome!


First off, it has been confirmed that Ocean Group, the voice acting group responsible for the surprisingly great voice work in the recent series releases Mega Man X: Command Mission and Mega Man X8, has signed up to work on Mega Man X Collection as well.

Hehe. “Surprisingly great,” eh.

I’d buy it

Man. All you have to do is jump and shoot.

Probably not much, since the games are worth about maybe 10 bucks each right now (even less for used copies), and their value is only going to go down with the release of the Megaman X Collection.

SE, the X4 VA’s weren’t even bad, I think. :stuck_out_tongue: I actually really enjoy the VA of Zero and Sigma from X4.

Walhalla, yeah it happens.

984, I don’t believe there were ANY pressed copies of Megaman Battle & Chase in the US. It’s JP only game, which is its big selling point on this collection anyways. Unless you mean something completely different, in which case, I dunno, oops. :stuck_out_tongue:

And also, I think it’s kinda too bad that they don’t have the XTreme games. The first one was lame, but the second one was actually very, very good. That was the first game where they incorporated that neat little tag team function. Very nice game.

Nope. There were a small number of US MMB&C games. Around 5000 or so copies. It was for some special event.

I can let Sigma’s voice pass… but for the love of christ what on heaven’s name did they do to General? He’s a thirty-something-feet-tall reploid with the voice of goddamn soprano! Not to mention Iris’ voice… Zero was “meh” but the guy could have put a little bit more effort on expressing emotion now and then, especially in the death scene where it seemed like he was reading straight off the script and just trying to fit every word in before the clock ran out.

Wait, I just realized something. There is no mention about dubbing anyone besides for Zero, X, Light and Sigma. Oh… no…