Megaman X 7

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I’d really like to know more about the Megaman series. It seems very interesting.

… I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response.

I am: Play the games.

As the resident ultimate Megaman fan here, I will explain it to you.

[spoiler]Some time during the Megaman series, while Megaman was defeating everything in his path, Dr. Light (I’m going to use the American names, so people will understand better) was working on a new kind of robot, one that could think, one that could make decisions, & finally, one that would be a better protector that his current work. Megaman, as you all have noticed was the prototype for this system, & Wily figured it out with Bass as well. By the end of the Megaman series, which is Megaman 9 (Rockman & Forte for SNES, or Megaman & Bass for GBA). Wily as finally gone & King was destroyed as well. As Dr. Light was beggining to get to old for this, he placed Megaman in the capsule & installed all the equipment to complete the X system. He also placed booster capsules throughout the world to increase X’s abilities in case some new evil happened to come. X was supposed to be inside the capsule for 30 years, in order to test his reliability, but Dr. Light’s lab was sunk beneath the ground for the 70+ years that X ended in his capsule, by that time he was found by Dr. Cain, the noted archeologist. The rest, if you’ve played the X games (X doesn’t mean a roman numeral it’s just X), is told to you.

While all this happened with Dr. Light, Wily also began to decay, so he created the infamous “Sigma” Virus & rebuilt Bass into what you know as Zero, he placed “Zero” & the “Sigma” Virus inside a capsule, but it was never found, & only the “Sigma” Virus lived on, it took the “Zero” data in, & after Dr. Cain found the capsule, lay dormant inside reploids that Dr. Cain has created. Because the “Sigma” Virus still had the “Zero” data inside, it allowed it to be downloaded into 2 reploids by accident, one was named Zero, & the other named Sigma, they both had the potential to be leader of the Mavericks, but for some reason, contact with X would not allow the “Sigma” Virus to activate inside Zero, because X was nowhere near the reploid Sigma, the Virus activated. That is when the reploid wars began. As you all know, the “Sigma” Virus inside Zero mutated into what is known as the Zero Virus. The reason given is prolonged deactivation & exposure to X caused the mutation. As time progressed, it became evident that Zero’s Virus allowed him to overpower Sigma easily as the Maverick ruler. X, on the other hand,has suvived because of what come to be called “X antibodies”. Noone knows how they wortk, or how they came to be, but one hypothesis is that every time he steps in a capsule, Dr. Light’s AI creates more & more upgrades for X, & they seem to be in the same places (notice in X3 Chill Penguin is frozen solid, that is because every level you go to is the same place as the game before, just changed/evolved) every time X finds them.

As for Sigma himself, the battle with both X & Zero have allowed him to Evolve many times, & MMX2 showed what Zero would be like if X was not there with him, so in tune to MMZ, X dissapeared sometime after X?. Zero awoke 100 years later & humans thought that by building a new & improved X that they would be protected, this X was a stuck up souless fool & killed all Reploids for suspicion of being Maverick.

The rest, as you know…is history.[/spoiler]

I researched this & also added my own hypotheses to this…they seem right, correct me where it is needed.

You know, I guess I answered so well that nooneis answering…

Mr. Waveing Smilie needs to steal me a PS2. nod, nod

I wonder if I’d get to the first boss in this game.

Megaman and X are not the same and Zero is not Bass, you find that out in Power Battles 2. Furthermore, the original virus is the Zero Virus, which was altered when Sigma contracted it. The Zero virus was no accident. And Copy X killed the reploids because the human populace feared lesser reploids because they could become maverick, think of it as some sort of preventive genocide. In reality, Copy X and the Guardians are simply following the will of the parliament just like a President would.

<img src=“”> Zero, do you really need to steal my thunder? I was feeling all important inside.

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<img src=“”> I can’t you’re already in front of the truck.

<img src=“”> Looks behind him Oh fuck… Is run over by a Semi

Hey Seph, I noticed that you and Himeko get along in the same way that Ayane and I do…

Yeah, each one tries to destroy the other…

Yeah, that’s actually pretty annoying.

I know, but it’s the only real running gag I have and I don’t bring it into every thread…

Im praying for it to come to XBOX.
Ya know what dissapoints me? Megaman was a nintendo official until it went for playstation, that upsets me, now nintendo has MM “Battle Network” which sucks major ball :o

Im getting a PS2 hooked up in my van, I might get it :hyperven:

yay! i’m a big fan of the megaman seris…all of them!

Megaman 64…it made me attempt suicide :slight_smile:

er…ok… every game excluding that one.

Yeah, thats the spirit :victoly:

megaman 64 should have never been released. the x seris was just fine. legends was great but 64… COME ON!!! grrrr need coffee!

Megaman can’t duck. Poor crippled man. :\

If he could duck, I’d probably play it. But Megaman can’t duck. Its tragic. ;.;

EDIT: And you know, with all that cool stuff they give him, you’d think he’d be able to bend his knees just a little bit, you know? But noooooo… Megaman can’t duck- or even run that fast…

You dare insult megaman!?!?! prepare to die!!! charges up his blaster

  1. Megaman Legends and Megaman 64 are like the same goddamn game

  2. Megaman should be able to duck. He can duck in X5, and X6. Why wouldn’t he be able to duck in X7?

He can duck? Woah- technology advances! Whoo!

  1. i choose legends because it’s for playstation. i’m not a big fan of nintendo now-a-days
  2. it sucks he can’t duck but he is still one of the best vido game characters