Megaman 2 rap?

A bit of swearing and the usual attitude, but it’s rap, can’t expect less. Not bad though.

I think I’ve watched it like 20 times in the past week.

That’s pretty great. Random, misogynist abuse of Roll was definitely the high point. Either that or Doctor Wily sounding kinda like the singer from Immortal.

It’s a man’s world baby; don’t be flashing your vag.

As someone who raps, I think they did too much f-word filler, and it’s really, really cheap to rhyme words with the same words (which they did like once or twice with ass).

I didn’t think it was supposed to be good. That would totally change everything.

I liked it. Thought it was funny, but that’s all.

Now I wanna play MM.

They have a few too many clever rhymes for me to believe that. Also: These guys do live performances. I get that it’s supposed to be funny, but that doesn’t mean that they get a free pass to be bad at what they do (although I’m not saying they’re bad; I’m just saying that being a comedy act isn’t an excuse in my opinion).

My impression was that it was an intentionally bad rap about Megaman, where the humor was in the absurdity of taking bad hip-hop cliches and applying them to something they don’t fit with, at all.

I liked it… I like making up stupid lyrics to game music with some friends. Good times.


This video is fantastic. Translating 8-bit background music to a standalone song takes creativity. Higher-quality sound samples are not enough to make background music walk on its own two feet. This irreverent rap provides just the right attitudinal counterpoint. It captures what’s in your mind as you play. It fills in the “element that’s missing” from background music.

The lyrics, of course, aren’t meant to impress the listener with intricate sonic relationships between and within lines. They’re amusing because they give personalities to characters that were never meant to have personalities. They project on Mega Man and the bosses the cheeky demeanor of aggressive video gamers. They play ironically on the video. In that context, the rhyme and meter are enough to drive the song forward.

I actually kinda really liked this, even with the aforementioned flaws.