MegaMan Network Transmission

The game any good?

It’s an MMBN game. It has to be good.

Series does not equal good but Transmission is fun, it’s like playing Megaman 4 with the RMEXE system of chips, in a nutshell. Fireman and Gutsman kicked my ass…I feel soiled. HARD game.

This game is sweetness. Cel shading is beautiful (except for megaman in the powerup/armor menu. He looks fat o.o;) and some of the music is pretty cool. The gameplay’s pretty good, and the conversion from isometric RPG to sidescrolling platformer was done well.

I LOVE how difficult it is since I haven’t had a challenge from video games in so long. I wiped the floor with Fireman (2 hit kill! Lifesword 1, bubbler, dead), but Gutsman was a bitch. His gutspunch takes away half of your life.

But I enjoy it. It makes you rethink your strategies, prepare better. It’s a good challenge.

But it can be frustratingly hard if you’re not any good at megaman games.

The fact that jumping over bosses is impossible forces you to keep them at bay with whatever mean possible.

Well, you can get a double jump chip from some flying penguin thing in the Iceman stage. You can also dash through them with the dash chip, slide under them when they jump (most notably with Gutsman), but I’ve found that you can actually slide between their legs when they walk on some like Needleman (Only tried Needle, though. Haven’t tested it on others)