Mega Man X Collection

For those who don’t know, it quietly slipped out this week, in the doldrums of January releases. I went ahead and picked it up, and I have to say that they did a good job. I grabbed the Gamecube version (despite how badly they f’ed up the GCN version of Mega Man Anniversary Collection simply by changing two little buttons), and they fixed the glaring flaw with the previous collection. Aside from that, load times are nearly non-existant, and a save feature was introduced to the SNES MMX titles. Also, they put a more reasonable menu instead of the goofy one used in MMAC.

Fucking Sold.

Shit, this was out?!

It will be mine >:)



(I pre-ordered this like, 2 months ago, sheesh! It was supposed to be released on Dec 6th, but noooooo…)

Any idea if there’s perks for having the same vers as you did with MMAC? Like, if I have a MMAC save on the memcard, does it unlock stuff?

I won a $50 gift card for Best Buy, and I wanted to get this game with that, supposedly it’s only $30. What did they mess up in the GCN version of Anniversary, and what glaring flaw did it have? By the way, the games are all in thier original… formats right? They didn’t change the graphics did they?

All games are in their original formats, yes. As for MMAC, I thought I made it pretty obvious, but they reversed the A and B buttons on the GCN version of MMAC, making it practically unplayable to those of us who’d been playing Mega Man for 15 years.

SHIT! All the stores nearby are either closed on holidays or don’t have it yet. This is going to be the longest weekend ever.

How many discs is it?

It’s one disc.

I got it today. I am annoyed.

Looks like they didn’t give any difficulty options with this package. I played a bit of X1. It’s nice and all that they put six games on one disc, but I really expected them to do more, especially because there are more X games out there. Unless there’s some hidden easy mode or other perks, this release gets a thumbs-down from me.

Edit: Add another layer of annoyance, and upgrade me to “fucking angry.” They didn’t even bother to make it so that saving your game in MMX1 saves the status of your subtanks or the number of lives you have. What a half-assed job. Fuck you, Capcom.

THere’s Rockman battle & dash unlockable, I recall.

I like how they put the side-games as a bonus to these collections, but there’s not much left, now is there? The previous collection had the Power Battle/Fighters games.

The 984 demands Rockboard.