Mega Man vs Samus Aran

Check this flash game out…it sets Megaman in the Metroid Universe…where Megaman goes head to head with Samus Aran…pretty fucking badass flash game…I don’t know if it’s been posted or not…but it’s worth a look and has a techno remix of the Metroid music as well as the MM3 boss music remix.
…though for me Samus Aran has been tricky…

hey that’s cool!!

Stupid game.

That was awesome, I’ve played it before on Newground (I think thats where I played it). I just think they merged the two togather very well.

stfu Nulani its good for metroid and megaman fans.

I LOVE MEGAMAN AND METROID…sniff its soooo beautiful.

I don’t really like it. Nice idea though.

Got boring pretty fast.

Here’s what I said about it last time it was posted:

Dat was PRETTY good … tell you what, you can have low-grade sugar free … chocolate skim milk from now on.

I think just the concept is funny as hell.