Mega Man 2.5D

Bask in the awesomeness of 2.5D! I almost expect Capcom to do something about this…


I remember seeing an older trailer for that awhile ago. Good to see it’s actually coming along and hasn’t died like so many other potentially neat fan projects.

I always liked the idea of 2D and 3D mixing like that, it’s a shame Super Paper Mario was a disappointment in that area, and Fez is still far off by the looks of things.

That looked pretty awesome. I’d probably end up sucking at that version even worse than I did the originals!

Vicki brings up a good point. I remember a Metroid voxel mod, but I’ve never played it.

All you have to do is jump and shoot.

Yeah, I know, but I never get them in the right order.

Well there’s your problem. It’s jump and shoot, not shoot and jump.

what platform is this to be on? is there a date?

Yeah, but sometimes I need to jump AND shoot, and I jump THEN shoot. :\

It helps to remember to move to the right while you jump and shoot. You get much further that way (although this might be a trick better left to the professionals).

Agreed on both counts: It looks awesome, and I’d totally suck at it.