So is anyone on this board thinking of having another real life meet-up? On the East Coast? Or can this be the new thread for organizing meet-ups?

I’ve thought of having one sometime next year, but it would mostly depend on if anyone wanted to go to El Paso, TX and if I’m not deploying. Since there are still too many variables, I haven’t said anything.

I might have the dough on hand for a mass-meeting come next semester…

984s been bugging me about the RPGConfederacy but I really dont have the time or the means to get together with such few people (like Kagon, Jiharn, 984 and maybe one other person), especially since the plan was to meet in Athens, Georgia.

Honestly that’s even the only one I could fancy attending. I met up with Merlin and Mazrim Taim in Boston purely by chance of being there.

I’ve met a lot of people, but the time has pretty much come and gone for me to deliberately seek some people out. I just don’t have the time or the money to do it anymore. But damn, I met a lot of you guys, especially most of you who lived in California for any amount of time. It was fun.

And now I’m gone from Athens, never to return (until the Friday after Thanksgiving). Kag and Ji live in Hotlanta now, by the way.

Well, where are you? Cobb?

Forsyth County. But not the one in Georgia. The one in North Carolina, home of Winston-Salem and Wake Forest University.

Oh noes 984 is in my state.

edit - SG, it was fun to talk to you on the phone. :smiley:

I’ve met exactly one RPGCer in real life, Dalton of Zeal - and that was for about ten minutes, when he showed up to buy my SNES. And man, he’s been gone for ages.

I think I met BigDizzy at a concert, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

I live on the East Coast now. Could do Boston. Maybe New York. My best friend at college is from NC, so I might be able to handle that depending on time.

Wanna take a road trip to Atlanta for some The Varsity?

Maybe when I get my aquarium tickets. I want to see some whale sharks.

Okay. Whale sharks and The Varsity. :3

You go to wake forest? booo go dawgs :expressionless:

I’m here for law school, dude.

I have to ask. Do you all (y’all?) in Georgia pronounce Athens like Athens, Greece or do you pronounce it as Ay-thens? There’s an Athens here in Kentucky that’s pronounced in the latter fashion and I die a little inside when I hear it.

Athens is pronounced like the Greek one. We do have a Cairo, Georgia that’s pronounced Kay-ro. It’s where Karo Syrup comes from.

I wanna meet you guys

So do I, but it seems like a spontaneous get-together like the West Coast thing isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. I’d be willing to travel far distance if such a gathering did grow up where RPGC members are more numerous.

I live in upstate NY, btw, if anyone else is in the area.