Meep o_O

I been lately thinking about abandoning the whole SoM-like Mage Elementalist Kit to adopt the later RO Mage setup, since I been captivated by this great game (Under a sucky compagny --:wink:

I don’t want to see any “RO Sucks lolz” here, I’m just here to ask what should I do.
Keep my ol sprite sheet and stuff, or go anew with the cute (And human) RO universe.

I like your chibi mage avvie better. It was unique. If you go with something from RO, you will lose that unique-ness.

Points to what Kero said

Originally posted by Booken
“RO Sucks lolz”

Use a bit of both. There’s nothing wrong with having more than one personality. nod, nod

I rethink it all when my RO craze ends. Wich might take quite a while

I’d say keep chibi-mage. He was cuter.

I say get rid of anything having to do with RO. The sooner we forget about that embarresment, the better.

Chibi Mage. Definately.

Chibi mage, hands down.

Don’t agonize over it too much o_O

Meat Popsicle

meat popsicle, or, failing that, chibi mage.

Chibi Mage all the way. :kissy:


Actually, I say Matrimelee, but that doesn’t help our current situation at all.


I say go with whichever.