Media request

Is there any program that allows me to see video or musics while they are still being downloaded?

I refuse Kazaa has this feature, but I refuse to use it, and besides I wanna open stuff I’m getting with Bit Torrent.

Just partially download it if it’s not a .zip or .rar or any other compressed file, then run it when you have a part of it done.

Windows Media Player and Winamp latest version can’t do that, at least not in my machine.

Programs like that exist, but they will not work with BitTorrent files due to the way BT handles downloading. You get random chunks of the file sent your way, so you’d essentially be trying to watch a jigsaw puzzle.

Limewire lets you view/listen to files you’re downloading with it.

If you want just singular files, I think you’re better off with an app like Limewire or Soulseek, possibly DC++. I never got the hang of DC++ and Soulseek didn’t want to work for me, but everyone says they’re the shit. I’d say try #rpgc but it seems all the main music people have their fservs down.

It really depends on the format of the file you’re downloading. Now this information might be a few years old, but there’s no reason to believe that this isn’t true in most cases.

Most encoded media formats are built in such a way that they cannot be decoded unless the whole file is available. Anyone who’s tried to play an .ogm or divX file after a download cuts out at 99.99999% knows that even if 1 bit of the file is missing, the file is simply unplayable, there’s just nothing you can do about it. Other file formats are designed to be streamed, and as such are playable without having to wait for the whole file to be available. Quicktime, RealOne, and mpg files are just a few examples of these streamed formats.

Now as I’m sure you’ll have noticed, if you try to run a clip in one of these formats while it is downloading, you’ll usually get a nice little error message, something along the lines of “This file is being used by another application.” It simply won’t play. The simplest solution to this is to go and select the file you want to watch, but that’s still being downloaded, and to simply make a copy of the partial file. Just select it and do a quick little ctrl-c ctrl-v. This’ll make a copy of everything you’ve downloaded up to now and since this new file isn’t being written to, you can then watch it normally.

I’m trying to play an MPEG that’s been 86% downloaded. It’s just that it’s 700mb long, but I wanna see what I’ve already got.

I regually played DivX Movies (episodes of SO:EX and MST) part downloaded with WinMX, Whist I can’t browse but I can watch up it up to the point it downloaded. I could only do if the file wasn’t downloading or waiting for a remote user.


That’s because WinMX and the formats of those videos allow you to preview them. I’m afraid that, thanks to the nature of BitTorrent, you aren’t going to see anything until it’s done.

I don’t know about video, but for audio you can play files being downloaded by Soulseek as they download.