Mecha Animes

What are some good ones? I’ve seen and liked the following:

-Gundam Seed
-Gundam Seed Destiny (Er, it’s almost over)
-Full Metal Panic
-FMP! TSR isn’t too bad.
-NGE if it counts

And from what I’ve seen, Ideon was pretty enjoyable too.

I am getting Turn A Gundam right now, and Zeta after it.

Any other good ones?

Mobile Suit Gundam (the original UC0079 one). Once you get through that go on to Z Gundam (my personal favorite so far as it is much darker than the original), and then ZZ (I haven’t seen this one, but from what I’ve read it gets really good mid way through the series). You could also check out Gundam 0080, 0083, and 08th Team in between MSG and Z. Once you’ve seen those, check out Char’s Counterattack. It’s a little rushed, but no where near as rushed as Gundam F91 was. Avoid that one; it sucks.

If Gundam isn’t your cup of tea, check out Mobile Police Patlabor. I saw Movie 1 a couple weeks ago, and I was really impressed.

Or you could always go with Macross (I’ve only seen one movie, and it was “Do You Remember Love?” which seems to be the least liked of the Macross movies amongst fans). Someone recommend I start off with Macross Zero, a five episode OVA prequel, so I’ll recommend you do the same.

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation is…meh, the mech designs are good, but it wasn’t thing (granted, only one episode is out and that’s all I have to base my opinion on).

And if none of that works for you check out Transformers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Macross, Macross Plus and Macross Seven are the only ones you should see, although the first Macross isn’t TOO different from “Do you Remember Love?”. Do not, I repeat, do not go anywhere near “Lovers Again”.

The Patlabor anime is a lot slower and easy-going than the first movie, and the second film is as different from the TV version as Hellsing is from Sesame Street. You’ll be seeing a lot more robot fights in the movies whereas the anime is more about the characters with only a bit of action here and there.

SE is damn right. Listen to him. Some of the old-school gundams are pretty good, too.

Try out Dai-Guard. Honestly, best mecha anime with a crappy ending ever.`

You can gloss over the last two episodes, they make no sense.

I liked Blue Gender, not sure what to think of Big O though.

Would Vandread be a mecha anime?

You MUST watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam movies. The movie, not the series itself. Boxtorrents have all three in a big pack and if you watch 'em you’ll soon be looking at SEED with derision.

Also if you don’t mind old, old stuff, check out the Mazinger and Getter Robo series. MazinKaiser & Shin Getter 4 lyfe.

As for the newer stuff, Eureka 7 is the absolute best mecha series this year, bar none. Super Robot Wars Original Generation is crap due to the fact that the entire point of SRW is to play as your favourite mechas all in one game. Avoid.

I have honestly never seen anything with giant robots that I have liked.

Yeah, I am watching Eureka 7, it’s awesome. I should check out the MSG movies :open_mouth:

I’d pass Vandread. I’m watching it right now and I like it a lot, but there’s really little action on most of the chapters, even less than Patlabor. It’s pretty good otherwise but it doesn’t fit what you’re asking.

Do get the opening theme “Trust” though, it’s damn sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I like Vandread too saw everything but the last couple episodes of the second stage. I didn’t think it really would classify as a mecha anime but Hibiki does use a mecha or whatever you’d call it just about every episode, so was wondering. Is Truth the second stage opening theme? I like that one.

No, it’s the first one. I’m only up to chapter… it was a one digit number from First Stage. The Christmas one, “White Love” I think it was called.