Meanwhile, in Europe...

TD and Spaz, unbeknownst to RPGC, continue their affair. When suddenly, Dragonessa opens the door and lets Green Mage in, who is greeted with a scene of unspeakable horror…

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Good one GM.



Wait which Spaz, Starstorm or Spazcat, or both of them? 0_o Why pony why?

Hey, I want my credit for spamming this 17 times in the chat before GM saw it. shakes fist


::dekar!:: indeed GG

I’m lost for words.

I did not have that sexual relations with that pony.

That said, I’m assuming from the position that the cat is male.

Pointlessly kinky.

Nooooo! So this was the reason you both wanted to work with the fanfic section with me, so that you could distract me with work and do nameless things in the depths of the library! sobs

More like distract TD and do said things to you. Ahem.

This was not consensual at all. I’ll see you in court, Spaz.

Heh, yeah. Well I said it first, or something similair.

No you won’t. Considering I had nothing to do with it, hte judge will LAUGH YOUR ASS OUT!

Wow, that cat must be hung like a horse.

So that the Noise i heard on the phone on to my Dutch friend… She did say that there were a couple of gays nearby… And a Marverick.

Big Nutter

Court finds in favor of Starstorm. SLAM Next case!

Geez TD :stuck_out_tongue: What is it with you and getting anally raped by some other stray animal?


That kittie has cool eyes ^^~