Me wanty more RPGs

More portable ones, to be precise.
Even though I just got FF 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls for my GBA, I’m still cravin’ a good RPG.

Plus, I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow, so I might be able to find something good there.

Anywho, I’m just lookin’ for a relatively good RPG, doesn’t really matter too much to me. So please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to share 'em with me.

Sword of Mana.

portable rpgs? Something i have a somewhat good knowledge of. Alright, first, go for Golden Sun and it’s sequel., Golden Sun: The Lost Age. both are awesome games, possinbly the best RPGs of the GBA. second, If you don’t mind getting some older games or don’t already have them, Dragon Warrior 3 for GBC, and possibly Dragon Warrior 1+2 GBC. both are remakes, though DW3 has plenty of newer features from the original. You shouldn’t be too disapointed with DW 3, and maybe DW 1+2, though they aren’t so good. Then, if you like, a pokemon game or two, either ruby or sapphire, or fire red or leaf green, but not eerybody has those. Then, well, apparently you already have lufia: the legend returns, since you have it as your fasvourite game, but possibly Lufia: The Ruins of Lore for GBA. I personally didn’t think too much of it, But hey, if you’re desperate for a portable RPG, go for it. And if you liked pokemon games, or wanted something pokemon like, I highly suggest Dragon Warrior Monster games. they are GBC games, the original, and the two somewhat different sequel (Tara’s quest, Tony’s quest or something. they’re probably close to the same thing) and they have the best of both words, dragon warrior games and pokemon. unfortunately, a little high in training, and breeding and the like, but if you don’t mind that, their rather enjoyable.

I’ll post more later I think.

All of those are excellent choices, but you left out SaGa 1-3 and Fire Emblem VII.

I can definately reccomend the Pokemon games.

Also: FF Tactics Advance, Fire Emblem, the Golden Sun games and the Shining Force remake. And though I have yet to play it myself, I’ve heard good things about the new Kingdom Hearts game.

Buy Sword of Mana.

Then send me the instruction manual.

I really, really need that instruction manual. :bowser:

Fire Emblem is awesome. I find Golden Sun to be okay. I though Lufia Ruins of Lore was not the best. I liked the Legend Returns a lot too so you may think Ruins of Lore was bad too. I think it was a fatal mistake for them not to remake Lufia 2.

I can definately reccomend the Pokemon games.

That is, if you like to memorize some 500 names. :stuck_out_tongue:

…I know I did… :<

KH: COM. Nuff said. ^-*

Skies of Arcadia.

Meh. It was way to easy. A good game, but over too quick and way to easy.