/!\ Mazrim Taim Sighting /!\

“At first I thought this was a joke,” writes Marlon McAllister on the Facebook page, “but then I did some research, and he’s actually a really supremely nice person … let’s show Keanu some love!”


I asked Maz about it since that’s not how you spell his last name. It actually is him! Just with a misspelled last name.

Also, a wild Mazfro appears!

Wow, I read that article earlier today and totally didn’t catch that.

gasp A wild MARLON appears?

graps the pokeballs

Yeah I miss that guy~ chu

I’m baffled that he got on the Times, but good to know he’s doing well.

Yeah, me too. That’s pretty fucking sweet :smiley:

Technically, The Times is different from Time Magazine. The Times usually refers to The New York Times. NYT is a daily newspaper. Time Magazine is a monthly news magazine. I guess both are the most highly respected for their respective mediums.

Ahhh… I’m simply not as impressed.

throws a pokeball at it!

Holy Calculator!