My friends got it, made a showing, and I missed it ;_;

Anyway, from what they told me about it, it looks like the most ass-kicking super robot series Go Nagai ever made. Supposedly, the bad guys have good plans and are somewhat smart, which is always something good.

In addition to this…you get to see Gothrocker Mazinger Z, so…

And also, there’s 1-2 episodes where Go Nagai showcases his perverse manners instead of him trying to hide them. (The guy made Cutey Honey, Devilman and Devil Lady…in addition to things like that)

Hey, I liked Cutey Honey :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but I keep poking fun at it every time I talk about Gô Nagai.

Besides, you shouldn’t complain, it’s got lots of action (plus the Sensual Missiles…get yourself ep4 of the series to see the fanservice episode)