Maybe just a rumour, but even so...

Ouch!!! :smiley:

That’d leave just FF13 if my maths is right.

IGN - 'nuff said.

I heard that from somewhere too. Well, I’m not gonna drop 6 bens just for a FF. Much less one headed by Nomura. Never thought I’d get me a 360.

Why do you people get excited for shit? It’s MGS4. No one who was already going to buy a PS3 will be stopped by it’s absence, especially if it’s anywhere near as fucking awful as the first three. Let’s get back down to earth here juniors.

Lol. Funny Stuff.

Yes, the truth is hilarious sometimes.

Think about it: Let’s say you’re stupid enough to buy a PS3 for an insubstantial piece of shit like MGS4. There’s several hundred dollars down the drain for something I could’ve given you after a good meal. There are far more convincing reasons to buy a PS3, like FFXIII or its cheap Blu-Ray or a number of other better games or any combination of its assets. It’s unlikely that MGS4 will be the deal-breaker for someone who was already willing to spend that much money on a PS3. The series itself is one of the worst out there and the blind drones who tend to buy it “because it’s MGS” won’t want to spend that much on it. There’s also no reason to switch to 360 for MGS4. Anyone who’d do that would’ve already been getting a 360 for GoW or another GOOD game.

FFXIII is a thousand times better market bait than MGS4. Anyone considering those two games will either get one for FFXIII or not get one because FFXIII isn’t worth it. MGS4 would be icing for its few enigmatic fans, but it wouldn’t be making the decisions. Not even close.

Of course, there’s also the people-are-fucking-retarded factor. I usually forget to account for that in my gaming arguments.

I know Hades is talking but all I hear is tank tank tank.

This leaves FFXIII and DMC4. Man, it just keeps getting funnier.

<strike>Man, if DMC4 is out there too, then yeah, who in the shit gives a fuck about MGS4? Seriously.</strike> Tank tank tank? Tank! Tank…

I’m not getting a 360 OR a PSIII. To get a console for merely one game is folly. I’d elaborate, but it is time for me to go to work.

Didn’t MGS2:Substance come out on the original Xbox as well?:hint:

Hades you can make your point in less than an essay you know.

also konami said no


Unless it’s FFXIII? winkHadeswink I forgot the Blue Ray, sorry.

Honestly, if either of those two games moved from PS3 to something else, I wouldn’t buy a PS3 anymore. As it stands, the fact that BOTH of those games are on PS3 is the only reason I want to buy one. You can say I’m retarded all you want, but in the end, the games I wanna play are the games I wanna play, and I’ll do what I must to play them.

By the way, just because you think it’s one of the worst series’ out there doesn’t mean that the general consensus reflects your opinion. In fact - concerning MGS - it’s the complete opposite; tons of people will wind up buying a PS3 for MGS4. That’s the DEFINITION of a killer app, and it’s been used since forever to get people to buy their shit.

Think about it: what the fuck was XBox360’s killer app? Perfect Dark Zero? Yeah, good job 360. That right there is one BIG reason as to why 360’s launch sucked. PS3 falls in the same boat, not to mention all the other funny reasons why the PS3 launch was miserable. But, the Wii had it right - they quickly adapted their newest Zelda to be available for the Wii launch. Now honestly, I fucking hate the Zelda series - but that was a SMART move. Now you’ve got everybody jacking off to the Wii launch. Killer apps, son - they rule your balls. And I guaruntee you that when MGS4 comes out, that’ll mean BIG things for the PS3.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Enlighten me as to how MGS is “awful.” I’m not trying to start a conflict/flame war here by any means, but I’d love to argue about this if you’d give reasons as to why you think it is awful :slight_smile:

Hades’ opinion = incontestable fact. Duh. :stuck_out_tongue: :spam:

The paradox of hades: He believes that a samurai could defeat a tank, yet he dislikes the Metal Gear Solid games, which are essentially about one person defeating mechanized weapons, in addition to other scenarios.


Yes, but as we all know, a Stinger Missile launcher is vastly inferior for battling tanks than one’s trusty Katana. The way the katana is ineffective at the tank’s largest range, the capability of damaging only minute portions of its large area at one time, and the chance of getting stuck in the machine’s interior are all advantages missile launchers and grenades just can’t compete with.
A samurai, I can see. But a guy trained (not to mention genetically engineered) to battle these things for literally all of his life with a weapon specifically designed to battle a tank? Ridiculous. Total folly.

Hades: MGS4+Price determines which of these consoles I will buy. Entirely. If you don’t believe I’m that dedicated, I direct your attention here. I am that dedicated. The MGS games are one of the only franchizes still going that I get much enjoyment out of. Non-franchize games are getting more and more rare, and games I get a lot of pleasure out of are rare in those, too. Since I do a lot of things besides play videogames, I also don’t have all that much time to spend on it. Like SG said, I play the games I want to play. This is one of them. In fact, at the top of the list of them. Maybe getting a console for just one game is ridiculous, but it’s less expensive than buying a console for a whole bunch of games; I pay for a console and one game. Not a whole bunch of others. I will play this game as much as I would play the multitude combined, about, but I wouldn’t enjoy them as much. I like this way better.